Homelessness and Pregnant Women – Straight Talk on Life Issues


Women who are homeless face higher rates of trauma, unplanned pregnancy, miscarriage, and abortion. Join us to discuss the challenges facing these women, and what is being done to help them. We are joined by Chris Bell, Founder of Good Council Ministry as well as Annette Thomas, a case manager with Good Council Ministry, and Venus Monje who shares her story of homeless pregnancy and how she received support. Learn more about the challenges facing homeless pregnant women, and how you can help. Join us for Straight Talk on Life Issues

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Good Counsel Homes

Since 1985 we’ve helped more than 8,000 homeless women and children move from a crisis situation to receive concrete help and build a brighter future.

What started as an unexpected encounter between Chris Bell and a young, homeless mother in New York City, has grown into a group of maternity homes called Good Counsel.

Pregnant and Homeless

“May” was pregnant and homeless. She had been surviving on the good will of friends—sleeping on their couches or in their cars. How did things become so desperate for her? May was kicked out of the home when her family found out she was pregnant.

Sadly, this isn’t a rare situation according to Carried To Full Term, the pro-life organization that took May in and cared for her needs.

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Christopher Bell, the founder of Good Counsel Homes, is the husband of the former Joan Andrews and father of their seven children, six of whom are adopted. He’s spoken extensively about the Good Counsel ministry to the media, to business groups, at churches and abroad. Christopher studied Scripture in Rome and has a post-master’s degree in family counseling from Iona College, an MA in Religious Education and Counseling from St. Joseph’s Seminary, and a BS from the University of Bridgeport in Journalism-Communications and International Relations.

Annette Thomas is a case manager for Good Counsel Homes.  She shares her experience in working with moms in these desperate situations and also her wish to see more pregnancy shelters accept pregnant moms who already have children.

Venus Monje is a mother who was homeless and came to Good Counsel Homes because she needed to locate a shelter that would be willing to take in a pregnant mother with a three-year-old. The only shelter she could find that was willing to do so was Good Counsel Homes.  She shares her story about how Good Counsel Homes has helped her and her family.

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