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Brad and Victor are joined by expert guests in a very special episode discussing the fight for life in South Africa. Dr. Albu Van Eeden, Johan Clauson, and Dr. Elsabe Combrink share eye opening information about abortion in South Africa. As well as the differences and similarities that the international pro-life movement experiences. The evils of abortion know no borders. Join us for this very special episode of Straight Talk on Life Issues! 

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Doctors for Life International

Doctors For Life International (DFL) is a non-profit company that was founded and established in South Africa in 1991. The organization began in response to an increasing need for intervention to preserve Judaeo-Christian ethics and sound science within the medical profession and, in particular, protect the sanctity of life from fertilization until natural death.

About Aid to Africa

Africa as a whole has the highest mortality rates compared to other continents worldwide. In particular, people living in rural and remote areas suffer most. Access to healthcare facilities is difficult and may take several days.

The harsh reality of this suffering motivated Doctors For Life to develop a  medical aid program known as Aid to Africa. Aid to Africa was established in 2001 with the purpose of providing free medical relief to resource-limited countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. This is achieved in the form of medical outreaches and establishment of permanent clinics.

New Research on Abortion Pill Reversal’s Effectiveness

Abortion pill reversal saves unborn babies when their mothers have a change of heart part way through a chemical abortion pill procedure.

A new study demonstrates an impressive success rate which translates into legitimate hope for tens of thousands of women who want to save their babies.


Dr. Albu Van Eeden is the Chief Executive Officer and founding member of Doctors For Life International (DFL), an organization comprised of 1,600 doctors, specialists and professors of medicine from medical faculties across South Africa and the globe. He has represented DFL at several Parliamentary hearings and has addressed the Kwazulu-Natal Parliament., authored the book, “Drugs – Facts, Arguments and Practical Advice”. He has travelled widely and internationally, addressing over 100,000 young people and adults on the subjects of abortion, HIV/Aids and STD prevention, euthanasia, traditional healers and alternative lifestyles and more recently, on the issue of pornography. He is the chairperson of the National Alliance For Life, a pro-life movement. 

Johan Clauson is the Director and Coordinator of Aid 2 Africa, the humanitarian division of Doctors for Life International. Together with Dr. Albu van Eeden, he pioneered this branch over two decades ago. Johan has led and supported numerous medical outreach missions to some of Africa’s most remote areas, overseeing teams of medical professionals, including ophthalmologists, general practitioners, and dentists. In addition to his fieldwork, Johan plays a vital role in the day-to-day operations of Doctors for Life International. 

Dr. Elsabe Combrink completed her medical degree at the university of Pretoria in 1972She is a former district surgeon and focused on rural hospital work eventually doing part-time private and forensic medical work. Dr Combrink is an executive board member of Doctors for Life International and heads the Abortion Pill Reversal (APR) project of Doctors for life.

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