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The abortion industry does everything in its power to hide the realities of abortion from women. They downplay the severity of the pain, both emotional and physical that women feel as well as the long-term consequences. If the women considering abortion were told the gruesome truth, many would not proceed especially when it comes to the now common chemical abortion pill. Join Brad and Victor as they discuss the true impact that abortion has on women as we hear from Wendy Rawls and Karin Barbito in this week’s episode of Straight Talk on Life Issues.  

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Unraveled Roots Journal

Some wounds are so deeply buried beneath the surface that we don’t even realize they are there. They lie dormant until something or someone pokes at the wound. And suddenly we’re reliving an experience, a rejection, a season or difficulty so long ago that we may have forgotten it. Yet, the pain that unexpectedly rises to the surface is as real as if it had just occurred yesterday.

The Unraveled Roots journal is for you and you alone. Please take time to reflect on your journey. Write down your feelings, thoughts, and capture the date. Cry, get angry, forgive yourself and others, whatever this process looks like for you. It’s personal and it’s your story. You matter.

Abortion in First Pregnancy Linked to Much Higher Use of Mental Health Services – A Study

Women whose first pregnancy ends in abortion have much larger increases in mental health treatment compared to those who had a live birth, according to a recent peer-reviewed study of Medicaid claims data from a team of Charlotte Lozier Institute experts. Moreover, these women were less likely to have a prior history of mental health service utilization, suggesting that the abortion contributes to the difference.

Support After Abortion

Through our After Abortion Line we connect those seeking healing with those who provide healing. Through webinars, clinical meetings, conference training, our online learning platform, curriculum, and resources, we equip leaders, counselors, clinicians, and other abortion healing providers to support those impacted by abortion.

Helping Men, Women, & Families Recover After Abortion

Abortion has a deep ripple effect. You may have chosen abortion personally, lost a child to abortion, or your life has been profoundly affected by abortion. SaveOne can help you through the healing process.


Karin Barbito is the co-author of Unraveled Roots and a pioneer in the abortion healing movement. Currently serving as Support After Abortion Special Projects Manager, Karin continues to forge new pathways to train and equip abortion healing providers to build and grow their programming and to help those hurting from abortion experiences to find hope and healing.

Wendy Rawls’ parents were pastors and yet at 19 she had an abortion when she was away at collegeThe people at her church did not talk about abortion. She was 5 1/2 weeks when she got her abortion. They gave her a pillShe battled depression for 15 years She got involved with alcohol and drugs and jumped into 3 different relationships in the span of 13-14 months. She entered the Save One program and had her breakthrough healing.

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