Yes, Defenders of Life

Bradley Mattes   |   October 13, 2023

Perhaps you’ve noticed our new masthead for this newsletter. After 32 years as America’s leading pro-life educational organization, our new look invokes the crucial importance of going on the offensive to save the babies.
Life Issues Institute – Defenders of Life!
In a post-Dobbs America, we are doubling our efforts and pulling out the stops to reach millions more with the truth of abortion.
The battle to defend innocent human life is raging literally in states across our nation. Never before has it been more important to utilize our vast pro-life educational resources in every corner and every nook and cranny of America – and beyond.
We must not become discouraged that deep blue states have passed laws allowing abortion on demand until birth. Just 15 months ago, under Roe every state allowed abortion until birth. We have come such a long way after the demise of Roe, but obviously, much more work needs to be done.
In today’s world pro-life education can access even the most hardened pro-abortion states. As we touch the hearts and minds of their citizens, we can erode its abortion extremism from within.

A Top Concern
It is urgent that we redouble our efforts to defend vulnerable women from being targeted by unscrupulous abortionists and their advocates – often with illegal and questionable chemical abortion pills.
I sat down with Elizabeth Gillette who during our video interview exposed the hard-sell lies they used against her to take this death drug. Elizabeth has a dramatic story that every woman who is vulnerable to chemical abortion should see. We are reaching more women with the truth about chemical abortion pills. Watch Elizabeth’s interview at
Doing all that we can to help stop the flow of these dangerous and deadly chemical abortion pills is our most pressing challenge and highest priority.

Reaching the World
There is a global hunger for pro-life educational resources and Life Issues Institute has answered the call. We built an entirely new, tech-savvy website from the ground up. The design is intuitive to help you access the information you need in less time, and without frustration or anxiety. Visit to check it out.
We host over 5,000 pages of easy-to-access information that will help you become an expert on the life issues from fertilization to death’s natural outcome. Whether you’re a high school student looking for sound medical and scientific information for a report on the life issues or wanting to equip yourself to be a better ambassador for life with family, friends, neighbors, or members of your church or workplace. We have the tools you’ll need to confidently advance the cause for life.
One of the most often-repeated lies is that abortion is safer than childbirth. Our website will equip you to demolish this pro-abortion propaganda.
Extreme advocates of abortion until birth win only if they can keep Americans in the dark about the truth of their radical agenda and what it does to innocent unborn babies and their parents. Life Issues Institute will equip you to shine a light on the dark and ugly reality of abortion.

Fresh Relevant Information
Life Issues, our daily radio commentary, makes over 18 million educational touch points with actual listeners every week. We are building on that success with a goal of reaching a new audience of millions more.
Our new weekly half-hour radio program Straight Talk on Life Issues launched this month and will engage listeners while connecting them to important resources related to each program. We are equipping today’s citizens to be tomorrow’s pro–life advocates – fellow defenders of life!
I am joined by my cohost, Victor Nieves, a pro-life activist, journalist, podcast host, and author of the book Conservative Prudence. He is the former host of The Victor Nieves Show heard around the world on the Real Talk Radio Network. Quite a resume for someone so young! He is new to the Life Issues Institute family and in addition to his radio responsibilities, he will be handling communications. I believe his passion and knowledge of the pro-life movement will help advance the cause for life and look forward to working with him.
The longer format tackles relevant topics as they unfold. For example, we interviewed one of the attorneys representing pro-life doctors and organizations in the lawsuit against the FDA’s political and sloppy approval of chemical abortion pills. Our guests updated listeners on their lawsuit and shared the
potential impact of a favorable ruling by the US Supreme Court. The benefit to saving lives could be enormous! We’ll also hear from pro-life leaders at ground zero of the Ohio referendum. If extremist pro-abortion advocates prevail, it will undermine existing pro-life laws and allow abortion for any reason until
birth in the buckeye state. Plus, parents will have no rights to stop the “transitioning” of their minor children.  Straight Talk on Life Issues will be a tool for educating millions of Americans to news that otherwise would go unnoticed, especially in deep blue states. Our Life Issues radio partner, Family Life Radio has 36 outlets, some of which air in the deep blue states of California and Colorado, states that desperately need to hear a consistent pro-life message. A spokesperson for the network said, “We appreciate the work Brad does and it’s vitally important…Especially in a liberal state that is working hard to grow the abortion industry. Your efforts are making a difference and we are honored to be a small part of it.”

Together, we are saving lives!

You’re just a click away from listening and subscribing to Life Issues and Straight Talk on Life Issues that enables you to listen at your convenience. We believe in taking every opportunity available to advance the cause for life. My weekly blog, The Latest is informing, motivating, and activating pro-life individuals. John wrote, “Thank you Brad for updating on pro-life info that we will NEVER hear on mainstream media or network news.” Marguerite wrote, “You are a very good source of information. Please continue sending me these emails.”
Sometimes we have to stick our necks out for the sake of the truth, so I particularly appreciated receiving this post, “This piece took courage to write, but you did so with great accuracy and clarity. PLEASE keep up the good work!!”
We are often stronger together. Life Issues Institute has teamed up with Leadership Institute to reach more students on our nation’s university campuses. Sarah Clark with Leadership Institute wrote, “We so appreciate the speeches Bradley gave, from what I hear from the students it was well appreciated and very informative. Looking forward to doing more speeches with you guys in the future!” And we are.

Life Issues Institute is making a real difference, and with our help YOU can too!

If you are sitting on the sidelines of the abortion debate, now is the time to become engaged on behalf of the defenseless, the innocent, and the vulnerable. If we don’t speak up for them, who will? It is critical that the babies and their mothers have the support of every prolife American to equip them to choose life for their babies, a decision both mother and child can live with.

Pro-life education undergirds our entire movement.

It is the foundation on which political and legislative victories are built. It is easy to become complacent, but we don’t have that luxury while lives literally hang in the balance. Life Issues Institute is committing all of our resources to doubling our efforts to defend life. These are resources that you can use to help save lives.

Together, we are Defenders of Life!!

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