Witnessing for Life During Crisis

Bradley Mattes   |   July 31, 2019

We were all saddened to hear of Meghan McCain’s miscarriage, but it was encouraging to read her op-ed regarding this loss in the New York Times. Writing about a personal tragedy can be very therapeutic, and she let many women know they weren’t alone in their grief. In addition, during the process of pouring out her emotions, Meghan eloquently testified to the beauty and humanity of unborn children in an environment void of controversy or debate.

Nobody can deny her pain.

Heaven’s Gain is an example of comforting hearts while providing an unmistakable pro-life witness. If more people were aware of their services, they’d be flooded with inquiries.

Heaven’s Gain Resources

This Cincinnati organization ministers to families that suffer a pregnancy loss. In the process, it beautifully demonstrates the wonder and inherent value of each and every unborn child. Heaven’s Gain support services are free and available before, during and after birth.

Products are sold to cover the cost of their facility and a few part-time employees. Donna Murphy, Heaven’s Gain founder, works full-time with no pay, in part depending upon a small army of volunteers.

Donna is a certified Baby Loss Doula and Baby Loss Family Advisor. They offer non-medical information to help support those suffering a loss at any stage of pregnancy: miscarriage, stillbirth or early infant loss.

I was amazed at the width and breadth of their services, knowledge and compassion. They serve 700 families each year with more receiving assistance by phone. Women are fully informed of what to expect when experiencing a miscarriage at home and are given helpful recommendations when facing a pregnancy crisis in the hospital. Families are provided with sound, practical assistance and products. And throughout the process, parents can mourn and experience closure and peace. Heaven’s Gain does not dispense medical information.

Sadly, much of Donna’s expertise comes from her own personal experience losing three children during pregnancy. Michael at 6½ weeks, Raphael at 10 weeks and Gabriel at 17 weeks.  Heaven’s Gain was born out of the ashes of these life crises.

According to her, pregnancy loss is not rare, which is one of the reasons she is so passionate about providing services to women and their families. Donna’s message to mothers and fathers is, “You are not alone, and we are here to help.”

You can find more information about Heaven’s Gain online. I would highly recommend them.

Sincerely for the babies and their families,

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2 thoughts on “Witnessing for Life During Crisis

  1. Heaven’s Gain has beautiful products for the burial of babies lost at all stages of development. Donna has caskets that are made by the Amish. It was a great comfort for us to be able to have a beautiful casket for our granddaughter Charlotte Grace, who died at 22 weeks three years ago this August. Donna was so sweet and helpful over the phone. It was a great comfort to our daughter and son-in- law to be able to bury their baby with dignity.

  2. Lacy lost her baby boy at 6 months due to the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. She previously lost two baby boys much earlier in her pregnancys. Her two daughters are 11 and 12 and she’s pregnant once again. Please pray for Lacy and for God’s will in her and this baby’s life in Jesus’ Name. Thank you, Grandma Frances PPartner

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