We’re Going to Change the Abortion Industry’s Future

Bradley Mattes   |   September 12, 2019

The chemical abortion pill (Mifeprex) is the future of the abortion industry.

The ease with which women can access this lethal drug – both legally and illegally – makes chemical abortion one of our biggest challenges to saving babies and protecting their mothers.

Thankfully, we have a new and effective tool to change this future.

Chemical abortion already accounts for 30-50% of all abortions in the United States – and those percentages are increasing. The following states have recently experienced a dramatic increase in the percentage of abortions with the chemical abortion pill.

Nebraska – 13%
Oklahoma – 33%
Arkansas – 66%
North Dakota – 28%
Illinois – 22%                      (For More information from CLI click link, then “Articles”)

A new website has launched that is certain to counter the expansion of Mifeprex, and positively impact our efforts, both collectively and individually, to save lives.

By design, appeals to young, internet-savvy women between 15 and 40 who are most at risk for using this drug. was developed by the Charlotte Lozier Institute, the research arm of the Susan B. Anthony List family. A real team effort!

These are some of the resources you will find on the site:

In addition there are resources on chemical abortion from Life Issues Institute that includes a video featuring women who have personally experienced chemical abortion. You’ll never forget their compelling stories.

Tell your story

If you or someone you know has encountered the negative impact of chemical abortion, tell your story. Abortion Drug Facts has made it easy to share these personal experiences while maintaining confidentiality. There is also the opportunity to confidentially share your story with the Food and Drug Association that is responsible for overseeing Mifeprex.

Finally, we need your help in letting women know about this critical resource. We’ve provided a short list of options that makes it easy to post on your Twitter page. Just click on the message.

Every woman you empower with this website is a potential life saved!

For babies and their moms,


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3 thoughts on “We’re Going to Change the Abortion Industry’s Future

  1. Florida abortion stats do not include chemical abortions (RU-486), while at the same time there is the claim that abortion numbers are declining in Florida.
    I am involved in side walk counseling and have observed that half of the women arriving at the abortion clinic leave, shortly after the abortion doctor arrives, with a small paper bag containing second pill to be taken at home. We attempted, with little success, to give them via palm card, information on abortion

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