Unethical Study Manufactures Results

Bradley Mattes   |   December 12, 2019

The chemical abortion pill is growing in use and may soon outpace surgical abortion. This evolving trend demonstrates why the Abortion Pill Reversal network of medical professionals is vital to saving babies and protecting their mothers.

A so-called study was underway to examine the effectiveness of progesterone to reverse a chemical abortion when a mother changed her mind.  However, critics say its unspoken goal was to actually undermine the progesterone protocol.

But the process backfired and further underscored the need for added protections for women subjected to chemical abortion.

The study’s credibility was suspect from the start and many expected its conclusion would result in a preconceived notion that abortion pill reversal is “junk science.” Consider the bias of its authors. All five are dedicated pro-abortion advocates. Mitchell D. Creinin, is an abortionist and paid consultant with Danco Laboratories which manufactures mifepristone, the chemical abortion pill.  Laura Dalton is an employee of Planned Parenthood of Arizona.  Collectively, Planned Parenthood is the largest chain of abortion facilities in America and the most aggressive lobbyist for extreme pro-abortion laws on both the federal and state level. Melody Y. Hou, Rachel Steward, and Melissa J. Chen have all been or are currently abortionists.

The study’s goal was to enroll 40 pregnant women who had previously decided to have a surgical abortion. After consenting to a chemical abortion and receiving the mifepristone, the women were selected randomly to be given progesterone to attempt reversing the chemical abortion or a placebo. Those whose babies were still alive after two weeks were promised a surgical abortion.

The purpose of this ethically bankrupt research was to determine if a drug effectively saves the lives of babies, and if so, they guarantee mothers a dead child in the end.

After 12 women had been enrolled, researchers abruptly ended the study because of serious health concerns for those participating. Three women experienced “severe hemorrhage requiring ambulance transport to hospital.” One lost enough blood to require a transfusion.

A critical distinction that most media outlets have not made or highlighted is that two of the three women who experienced medical emergencies were given the placebo – that is, the only active drug they received and were suffering from was the mifepristone chemical abortion drug.  One had been given progesterone. The potential of lethal blood loss has been an ever-present concern with chemical abortion.  The study’s hasty demise underscores the need for the FDA to more closely scrutinize Danco’s death drug.

The truth has been twisted to such a degree
it more resembles a pretzel than a research finding.

Knowing the vested interest of the authors in the abortion industry, it didn’t take rocket science to predict how they would spin the termination of their research. “Patients” they wrote, “should be advised that not using misoprostol [the follow-up drug] could result in severe hemorrhage, even with progesterone treatment.” The truth has been twisted to such a degree it more resembles a pretzel than a research finding.

The authors further denigrate the progesterone protocol by warning women that due to the “potential dangers” of changing their minds midway through the chemical abortion process, the progesterone protocol “must be considered experimental.” Further, they stated it should be done “only in institutional review board-approved human clinical trials to ensure proper oversight.” In other words, these abortionists and abortion advocates are saying, “We got this! You can trust us.”

Those behind the Abortion Pill Reversal network report 68% of the babies have been saved with the most effective progesterone protocol. Becky Buell and Cynthia Galvan were early beneficiaries. These two mothers have living, breathing children they adore because caring pro-life medical professionals were there to assist.

Their numbers are growing and cannot be ignored.

Sincerely for babies and their mothers,

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2 thoughts on “Unethical Study Manufactures Results

  1. As a pharmacist I know that everyone of these adverse effects should be reported to FDA. FDA needs to require black box warnings on such an unsafe product. File complaints with FDA on their site.

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