They Call It Patient-Centered Tissue Viewing

Bradley Mattes   |   May 14, 2020

The abortion industry and its advocates have witnessed a gradual decline of support for abortion which further hemorrhaged when the millennial generation became more pro-life than their parents before them. The New York Times recently reported that even though this coveted segment of voters may disagree with the President on a major political issue, they have aligned with the Republican president because he is pro-life.

An additional factor in winning the hearts of Americans are images of unborn babies. According to one pro-abortion advocate, this has enabled the movement to, “make significant political use of visual representations.” The impact of these medically based images has not been limited to politics. Sidewalk counselors—ambassadors of America’s women and their unborn children—experience increased success when they engage abortion-bound women and refer them to pregnancy resource centers for a free ultrasound. The minds of abortion vulnerable women are routinely transformed upon seeing their babies.

For some in the abortion industry desperate times call for desperate measures.

It’s time, they say, to confront the baby in the womb head-on. They call it patient-centered tissue viewing (PCV).

An article published March 19, 2020 in Sexual and Reproductive Heath Matters advocates letting women see the baby they have just aborted. The research article titled, The option to look: patient-centered pregnancy tissue viewing at independent abortion clinics in the United States, interviewed staff at 22 independent abortion facilities to determine whether or not they provide this option to women.

73% of the abortion facilities responding to the survey indicated they provide PCV, 23% did not. Of those that offer PCV, 75% do so upon request of the woman.

Why would an abortion outlet create a setting more reminiscent of a B-movie horror flick than a medical environment? It is beyond debate that the abortion industry is tenacious and determined not to leave any money in the pockets of would-be abortion customers, and the erosion of society’s support for abortion is making a significant impact on the bottom line.

The article revealed a strategy behind the previously unimaginable.

Contrary to reality, abortion activists criticize pro-life fetal images as highly photoshopped and medically erroneous. They believe PCV will be an effective means to “counteract inaccurate images.”

Most abortions are done within the first trimester of pregnancy using suction curettage which is many times stronger than a home vacuum cleaner. Just as an apple dropped into a blender doesn’t resemble an apple, a baby aborted by such powerful suction doesn’t look much like a baby in the pulverized aftermath.

The goal of PCV is to permit women the opportunity to view what abortion staffers deceptively call the “product of conception” which they believe will have a “destigmatizing effect” on abortion and portray pro-lifers’ fetal images as fraudulent lies.

They claim this process gives women “access to honest information about abortion and fetal development.”

8 week old

Beyond early pregnancy, PCV becomes a significant liability. Recognizable baby parts that survive the violent act of abortion provide a traumatic reality check for women and particularly the abortion staff, which the authors document with multiple citations.

How can the abortion industry that commits this brutal act against babies and their mothers reconcile this reality with a so-called mission of “healthcare?”

PCV demonstrates the desperation of abortion businesses’ attempt to overcome the humanity of the unborn child. But like their other schemes to hide the reality of what they do, the unmistakable truth will inevitably come out.

For mothers and their babies,

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2 thoughts on “They Call It Patient-Centered Tissue Viewing

  1. I believe if a pro-choice advocate is asked the question; “Could you, given the training, actually kill a baby by personally performing an abortion?” it would cause great lingering, possibly mind turning, thought!

  2. I have had personal experience with two women who had to have an abortion due to medical problems with the mother. The experience for the ladies was truly horrific. No PCV, but the knowledge of what happened to their baby was too much to bear. It took some time under therapy to ease the minds of these two women in grief.

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