The Turmoil Means We’re Winning

Bradley Mattes   |   February 28, 2019

It was one of the most dramatic conflicts over right and wrong in the history of the pro-life movement. The Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act would have protected babies who survive late-term abortion. President Trump tweeted, “This will be remembered as one of the most shocking votes in the history of Congress.”

It was beyond heartbreaking to see such evil prevail in the minds and hearts of 44 US Senators who voted against protecting the babies. Every Senate Democrat running for president included, and the result has left a devastating mark on the pages of our nation’s history.

This vote followed states that legalized abortion until birth and green-lighted infanticide for the survivors. As a result, many pro-lifers may have become discouraged.

They shouldn’t. Behind this legislative turmoil is actually a reason to be optimistic.

The dark forces advocating abortion on demand see that their grasp on our nation is slipping, and aren’t about to go down without a herculean fight.

That fight is now intensifying.

The cause for LIFE has made remarkable advancements during the last couple of years.

Primarily with the nomination and confirmation of two US Supreme Court justices, which have likely put Roe v Wade on borrowed time. Don’t forget the many district and appellate court judges being confirmed.

Public Opinion is Turning

The recent debate on late-term abortion and infanticide has opened the eyes of countless Americans to the extreme agenda of pro-abortion activists and the abortion industry. Even millions spent on public pro-life education wouldn’t have reached as many people.

This debate has the focus of the President of the United States, Congress and state legislatures. The buzz on social media has lasted for weeks and continues.

And it’s showing in the polls.

The day of the Senate’s vote, a Marist poll revealed a dramatic change in those who self-identify as “pro-life” or “pro-choice.”  Just weeks ago, their polling showed both camps with 47%. Further, their tracking on abortion has remained fairly stable over the years.

That all changed with their latest poll that indicated a 17-point gap favoring “pro-life”! And what’s more, Democrats and people under 45 are the catalyst for this change.

President Doing His Part

The President continues to rack up victories for the babies. Recently, his administration issued the final version of the Protect Life Rule which draws a vivid line between family planning and the abortion industry. Planned Parenthood stands to lose up to 60-million dollars of Title X funding which has served as their personal slush fund to promote an extreme abortion agenda.

States Joining In

State legislatures and governors are not sitting on the sidelines. Here’s just a recent sample.

Arkansas passed a law to end abortion when Roe is overturned. In the meantime, the House has passed a bill to end abortion after 18 weeks.

Arizona defeated an attempt to legalize infanticide. After the debate, pro-abortion legislators had serious regrets because it has put them at risk for reelection.

The Utah House Judiciary Committee passed a bill to end abortion after 18 weeks.

The Kentucky House passed legislation to end abortion once Roe is overturned. And a legislative committee passed protection against discrimination for unborn babies with Down syndrome.

A Tennessee subcommittee okayed a bill to protect unborn babies once their heartbeat can be detected. Representative Micah Van Huss voiced the heart of many legislators across America, “One of our primary responsibilities as government is to keep our citizens safe. And the killing of our citizens needs to stop.”

These pro-life bills would add to hundreds of others enacted over recent years.

LIFE is winning! So, shake off these grave disappointments and keep your eyes on the goal. You and I are working to save babies from the unspeakable horror of abortion and infanticide. They depend upon our continued passion and determination to protect them from the abortion industry.

When we do, we’ll see more scenes like this in America.

In the trenches for the innocent,

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10 thoughts on “The Turmoil Means We’re Winning

  1. Thank you Bradley
    Keep up the good work
    My prayers are for you & your team
    Looking forward to us winning the battle in the name of Jesus Christ.

  2. Thank you so very much. When we suddenly hit an unexpected pot hole is in the road of life that we are travelling it seems so much bigger than it really is. Thank you for getting us out of the car to see how it is not nearly that big or damaging. Yes, big advances are being made in the Pro-Life movement. Let us pray that God will give us a even bigger victory soon.

  3. I’m an old woman, quietly pushing into my mid-seventies. My mother has been in the grave for a number of years now. But she told me, long after I was a grown woman, about her situation when she was pregnant with me. My brother was not a year old when she realized she was pregnant again. (1944, none of the birth control methods that are taken for granted in these days.) Furthermore, she knew that my father was “messing around” with other women. When she realized she was pregnant with me, she was crying, and he said to her, nonchalantly, “Well… you want to have it taken care of…?” She told me about that conversation. She even told me she was tempted to take him up on the offer, but knew about some women who had “done that” with very dangerous and bad results (like death of the woman as well as the baby), and so she refused his offer to “right” the situation. And I was born. December 24, 1944. When I was 6 months old (& my brother was 20 months old, my father came home from work with another woman in his car, came in and got his belongings and told her he was leaving, and would give her an allowance (I forget how much but it was meager). That only lasted about a year, after which I grew up to 10 years old without a daddy.
    Then she married my stepfather, who was a wonderful man. I’ve had a great life, so far. I eventually married a good man and we raised three children, all of whom are now good, productive citizens raising a whole passel of grand children. I even have some great-grands…
    I’m really glad my mother didn’t let my (natural) father “have it (me) taken care of…” Killing the baby is not taking of it.

  4. Thank you for the positive information
    I am encouraged. Thank God for a president who is on the side of the unborn.

  5. God bless you and your team for standing on God’s truth and fighting for these precious babies.
    I never would have thought our world would come to this but it is as in the Old Testament with the worship of evil.
    Without God, everything is pure evil.

  6. Yes, finally everyone in Congress and state legislatures has come out of the shadows ready to do battle for or against human life — for or against a decent civilization. And yes, this is a fight we can win. The decisive battles will not be far off; now is the time to get active if you aren’t already on the battlefield .

  7. Praise be to God! And thanks to all the people who are involved in saving babies. God bless you all.
    We have to keep praying and doing our part.

  8. You are fighting an evil that is controlling minds. This kind of war, must also have the support of prayer n fasting. Your effort does not only help America, but us in India n the world. We join you in prayer. Thank you.

  9. Question to the 44 who voted against life! If someone had dissuade your mother from an abortion when you were in the womb,would you today say thanks to them,if they were in your presence?

  10. Wow, Norma, Your story sent shivers through me! How much your mother could have missed if she was persuaded you weren’t going to be worth the stress. I’m so grateful you shared your story! Thank you!

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