The Promise of the Pro-Life Youth Movement

Bradley Mattes   |   April 12, 2018

Pretty much wherever I go, people ask if it’s realistic to think we can end the brutality of abortion. Except for being asked about my grandchildren, nothing more easily brings a smile to my face.

No longer do those of us in the pro-life movement ask, “Will we succeed?” We ask, “When will we succeed?” And I believe pro-abortion advocates look upon our optimism with dread.

Here’s a significant reason why we’re going to end the suffering, death and pain of American’s unborn children.

It’s true that technology and science are important reasons for our ultimate success, but the nation’s youth and young adults are proving to be a crucial asset for the babies.

Polls show that millennials and their younger cohorts, Generation Z, are more pro-life than their parents. Plus, they have a zeal and passion for justice.

What greater injustice is there than killing innocent preborn children in the womb?

I became involved in the movement at the age of 18 when young people were more or less a novelty. It showed in 1977 when I first attended the annual March for Life in Washington, DC.

Now, easily two-thirds of the 100,000-plus marchers are 25 or younger, and the event has transformed from a somber commemoration into a celebration of life complete with drums, joyful chanting and songs, complimented by cheerful balloons and matching scarfs and caps.

After 45 years, the media and other abortion advocates are both mystified why we’re still here and alarmed by the increased momentum reflected in the election of more pro-life politicians and life-saving legislation – and most importantly, a continuing decline in the number of abortions.

The annual body count is lower than any time since Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton legalized abortion on demand throughout pregnancy.

But we have a long way to go, and pro-life advocates, including its youthful members, understand the urgency of the situation. 2,500 babies are killed each day in abortion chambers across our nation.

The exciting news is that young pro-lifers are bringing their talents to the table. Among them are:

Organization – They understand the importance of being united, speaking with the one voice. There are many youth-driven organizations. A few leaders of the pack are Students for Life of America (SFLA), Live Action and the Center for Medical Progress (CMP).

Creativity – This was evidenced in a recent project that Life Issues Institute was proud to be part of.  SFLA collected 329,999 baby socks – one for each child killed by Planned Parenthood in a single year. The “Sock it to PP” event collected the socks, after which they were loaded into a truck for a national tour, holding rallies at the offices of pro-abortion senators and other locations. The socks will be given to pregnancy help centers and clinics that provide alternatives to abortion.

Students in Alaska built their own version of a Wheel of Fortune that students would spin to demonstrate the high probability of abortion – one in four babies conceived in America are aborted. Another answered the question of how many tax dollars go to Planned Parenthood in a year.

Fearlessness – This has been clearly demonstrated in Live Action undercover videos showing girls posing as pregnant teens and catching Planned Parenthood in extreme and sometimes illegal activities. Most recently, CMP made headlines with their videos showing convincing proof that the abortion industry harvests body parts of aborted babies and sells them for profit.

Determination – Effective pro-life advocacy is countered, often illegally, with pro-abortion aggression.

SFLA documented over 200 cases of violent or illegal countermeasures to their legal and peaceful activities on campuses. Countless Cemeteries of the Innocents have been vandalized, in one stunning example the destruction was commandeered by a university professor.

But this doesn’t slow them down.

Planned Parenthood has good reason to be concerned that abortion is living on borrowed time. With our continued persistence it will go the way of slavery and segregation. It’s no surprise that the abortion giant must hire students to advocate for death on university and college campuses, compared to nearly 1,200 largely-volunteer SFLA chapters.

Together, the pro-life movement will end abortion in America, and with the help of our younger members, we will see the day when a mother’s womb is once again a protected sanctuary.

Working toward victory,

Brad Mattes,

President, Life Issues Institute

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