The Diversity of the Pro-Life Movement

Bradley Mattes   |   June 27, 2018

Our thanks to Nancy Gruber for her thorough research for this article.

Advocates of abortion portray the Pro-life Movement as a white, ultra-conservative minority, but nothing could be further from the truth.

The Pro-life Movement is very diverse, including many who consider themselves “progressive.”

Most Americans may not be aware of the rich diversity represented in the Pro-life Movement. We come from all political parties, various faiths or no faith at all, income brackets, levels of education, ethnicities and walks of life.

However, we all share one fundamental belief and passion – that every innocent human life is valued and should be protected from fertilization to natural death.

Here are some of the groups that contribute to this diversity and don’t fit the stereotype of a pro-life organization. This list of groups should not be considered an endorsement by Life Issues Institute. Our goal is to demonstrate the width and breadth of the movement.

A growing number of vegans and vegetarians are represented by Vegan and Pro-Life and Pro-life Vegetarians and believe the protection of innocent unborn life should also be extended to animals.

It’s well understood there is a plethora of faith-based groups within the Pro-life Movement. Less well-known are groups representing religious minorities.

The mission of the Jewish Pro-Life Foundation is to “inspire Jews to welcome pre-born Jewish children into the inclusive movement of modern Jewish life and religion.”

The Buddhists For Life Facebook page reads, “The Buddha taught that life begins at conception, to follow the Dharma path [stages of meditation]; compassion, acceptance, generosity and equanimity must infuse all of our actions.”

The Facebook page for Muslims for Life reads, “We are Muslims dedicated to bringing the ummah [Muslim community] closer to Allah by reminding them of the purpose and value of life.” They feature a quote from Qur’an 3:145: “And it is not [possible] for one to die except by permission of Allah at a decree determined.”

There are also pro-life groups that eschew the idea of religion altogether but are no less passionate about defending the unborn.

Secular Pro-Life and Pro-Life Humanists are just two groups making their presence known to the rest of the movement. They advocate a well-reasoned, medical and scientific approach to the controversial issue of abortion and believe hearts can be changed when viewpoints are expressed in a calm, rational manner, void of religious connotation.

Pro†Life US Soldiers appeals to soldiers, veterans and the patriotic among us who have a passion for the bedrock beliefs of God, country and unborn babies.

Other pro-life groups base their roots in the arts, which gives them a unique opportunity to affect opinions on abortion.

Music groups have joined Rock For Life to make a difference while sharing their music. Many pass out pro-life literature at their concerts or support the pro-life cause.

Artists for Life believes that art helps to shape our culture and promote a culture of life, which is expressed in many forms. Pro-Life Art Gallery has three goals: educate the public about the after effects of abortion; sell pro-life artwork to support artists; raise money to build a museum to commemorate the victims of abortion.

Several medical professional organizations have been a mainstay in the Pro-life Movement. These encompass doctors, nurses, pharmacists and health care providers.

Dr. Donna Harrison, Executive Director of AAPLOG

This includes the American Association of Pro-Life OB/GYNs that, among other things, helps people locate pro-life doctors.

Pro-Life Nurses and National Association of Pro-Life Nurses protect vulnerable patients and give a voice to nurses who respect human life.

Pro-Life Healthcare Alliance strives to protect human life within the health care system. A group of medical students has formed Healthcare Professionals for Life that values and protects life from the moment of fertilization.

Many would argue that hospice has been infiltrated with a “quality of life” ethic. Hospice Patients Alliance preserves the original mission of hospice by allowing death to come naturally without initiating an early demise.

Pharmacists for Life International strives to be a clearinghouse of information related to pharmacists with a priority of protecting the conscience rights of pharmacists who want to avoid dispensing abortifacient drugs.

According to its website, the National Lawyers Association is a community of lawyers, legal scholars, professors, law students and other legal and policy professionals committed to constitutional issues, primarily the sanctity of innocent human life.

Photo: Latinos por la Vida

Academia sorely needs pro-life representation and education. Teachers and university faculty are equipped to impart this to their colleagues and students.

The fact that there are several pro-life groups representing America’s youth and young adults is indicative of the high percentage who are pro-life. Prominent among them are Students for Life of America and Live Action, and some operate in the most liberal, pro-abortion environments like Stanford.

Pro-life beliefs within the gay community are represented by The Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians and others.

Various ethnicities are also represented: Hispanics/Latinos, African Americans, Asians and Native Americans.

Feminists and Libertarians provide a pro-life voice for their constituencies.

As you can see, the Pro-life Movement is a diverse, grassroots collection of the cream of the crop of Americans. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things!


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6 thoughts on “The Diversity of the Pro-Life Movement

  1. Wow!
    Thank you for sharing the DIVERSITY of proLife groups. This is PHENOMENAL! I had no no idea of the depth and width of this diversity EXPLOSION. I PRAY DAILY for the PRO-LIFE cause. Life is God’s PRICELESS gift to mankind!

  2. Karen, Thanks for bringing this problem to our attention. We are working on trying to find a solution.

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