Satan’s Temper Tantrum

Bradley Mattes   |   June 02, 2022

I’ve often said that abortion is one of Satan’s most effective tools and he’s not going to relinquish it without a fight. A big fight.

We are now experiencing the spiritual warfare raging in anticipation of the US Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v Wade.

The actions of pro-abortion extremists have been fueled by irresponsible politicians like California Gavin Newsom who recently accused pro-life elected officials across the nation of being “right-wing fanatics [who] turn statehouses across the country into laboratories of hate and oppression…”

The so-called “hate and oppression” he referred to is in reality compassionate laws protecting states’ most precious natural resource, unborn babies, while safeguarding their parents from the anguish and shame of abortion.

It’s been dubbed “The Summer of Rage” and it, not the compassion of pro-life advocates, deserves to be the target of Governor Newsom’s reckless hyperbole. It has already incited acts of firebombing, vandalism, and physical threats by radical Far Left organizations. Organizers claim “We will be ungovernable” unless abortion on demand is codified throughout the nation.

Some of the key radical players are:

Jane’s Revenge, which derived its name from Jane’s Collective, a group of early 1970’s illegal abortionists. The contemporary version has claimed responsibility for firebombing the pro-life organization Wisconsin Family Action in Madison, WI. Buildings of their victims are left with this spray-painted warning, “If abortions aren’t safe, then you aren’t either.”

Jane’s Revenge demands the dismantlement of the entire pro-life movement within a 30-day time period. Anything short of that brings this threat, “the infrastructure of the enslavers will not survive.” Firebombing the Wisconsin pro-life office was just the beginning they said. “We are all over the US and we will issue no further warnings.”

Those who defend the deaths of over 63-million unborn babies offer only more of the same if Roe is overturned – death and destruction.

The organization Downright Impolite has organized protests of intimidation and pressure outside the homes of Supreme Court Justices who are perceived to be votes overturning Roe.

Ruth Sent Us aggressively targets homes of Supreme Court Justices and pro-life churches. They threatened to “burn the Eucharist” in Catholic churches. Their namesake, former Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, ironically said on numerous occasions that Roe was a misguided ruling. The group encourages participants to wear red “Handmaid’s Tale” robes and it targeted churches, mostly Catholic, on Mother’s Day with vulgar disruptions during services.

Rise Up 4 Abortion demands “abortion on demand and without apology” and calls for “disruptive actions in the streets” that “bring the gears of society to a grinding halt” unless they get their way.

Stop Patriarchy is a radical communist organization that aggressively attacks pro-lifers and churches known to support unborn babies and their mothers.

The Summer of Rage is Satan’s temper tantrum in response to losing forced unrestrained abortion on all 50 states.

Reversing Roe is just one step – albeit huge – toward ensuring the protection of innocent human life from abortion. The Court’s action doesn’t end abortion. It gives states the right to pass protective legislation through their elected officials that can end the wonton slaughter of those too tiny and defenseless to protect themselves. And it’s often accompanied by bills that provide vital resources that enable young women and men to say yes to life. Does that sound like hate and oppression to you? If not, you’re in the company of a vast majority of Americans.

You and I will be called racist, bigots, haters and worse for defending unborn babies. Always remember what Jesus himself said, “Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”

That’s all the approval we need.

In the process of curtailing or outright ending the brutal violence of abortion, we will face increasing threats and dangers just as the abolitionists who years before put their very lives on the line to end slavery.

Future generations of preborn children deserve nothing less.

For Innocent Human Life,

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6 thoughts on “Satan’s Temper Tantrum

  1. Thank you again dear Brad. We just read a devotion on PEACE of God. Countless people have no idea what PEACE is because they don’t know Jesus. He IS the only way to the Father, as we well know. We are called by the Lord Himself to proclaim that Jesus is Lord. Thank you dear Brad, your life truly preaches a mighty fine sermon. We stand with you as we follow hand in hand with our mighty Lord God. So as I say often “Onward Christian Soldier” we ARE in a spiritual war but we are on the WINNING side. God bless you and keep you in His tender care. Ann & Lowell Tolly

  2. Thank you Brad for continuing to defend life and your care for unborn children! This crime against humanity has gone far too long. Thank you for highlighting the actions and intents of the Summer of Rage of those who defend death.

  3. Thank you for speaking the truth and bringing light and life to this satanic and deadly system-

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