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RU 486 Claims Life of 18-Year-Old

Editor   |   June 13, 2008

Facing Life Head-On to Air Special Report on Dangers of RU 486

Cincinnati, OH (June 13, 2008) – Reports from the United Kingdom confirm the 13th death related to a chemical abortion caused by RU 486. Llywela Jones, mother of the deceased Manon Jones, said she was a bubbly daughter and an A-level student. Brian Whitehouse, Avon deputy coroner, says this is the saddest case he has dealt with in 40 years.

Manon Jones, an 18-year-old from Caernarfon, Gwenedd, died on June 27, 2005, after severe seizures and cardiac arrest. The post-mortem exam states the result of death was from remaining baby parts left inside. Jones took RU 486 on June 11, 2005. Her mother reports that she was not feeling well in the following days, which Jones shared in emails. On June 15 Jones received an ultrasound which found nothing abnormal. Eight days later Jones checked herself into Southmead Hospital where she received blood transfusions. Her condition deteriorated and four days later she was taken off of life support and pronounced dead. Dr. Hugh White, a physician associated with the inquest, said Jones died of hypovolemia, which is an abnormal decrease in blood volume, and also by shock induced by the baby parts left behind.

In 2000, RU 486 was approved by the Food and Drug Administration for distribution in the US.

Next week the Life Issues Institute’s TV show, Facing Life Head-On, will air a report on the physical and political ramifications of RU 486. Join host Brad Mattes as he talks with three guests: Wendy Wright, president of Concerned Women for America; Rebecca Frech, who had a personal experience with RU 486; and Dr. Donna Harrison, a medical researcher specializing in RU 486. Watch the episode, RU 486?, and view a list of deaths caused by RU 486.

Facing Life Head-On airs nationally and in Canada.



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