Providing or Depriving Women of Resources

Bradley Mattes   |   June 08, 2023

You’ve heard it before. “If those nasty antichoice Republicans were really pro-life they’d support programs that provide substantive help for women.”

At the same time, their pro-abortion Democrat allies are defended as “Heroic feminists.”

When it comes to supporting America’s women and their children, critics say these advocates of abortion have forfeited their feminist cards.

This year has been a stunning display of who is providing significant resources for women, men and their babies born into challenging circumstances.

Democrat governors have been vetoing legislation in cruel fashion that supports women who struggle with unexpected pregnancies, exacerbated by inflation brought on by poor policy decisions in Washington, DC.

Arizona’s pro-abortion Democrat Governor Katie Hobbs striped critical funding for pregnant homeless women. Since its inception more than 1,100 women have been provided housing, stability, substance abuse counseling, among other resources – and most importantly – a fresh start in life.

In Kansas, pro-abortion Democrat Governor Laura Kelly vetoed:

  • The Alternatives to Abortion Program that would have provided significant help for women who choose life for their babies or want to make an adoption plan.
  • State income tax credits to support 50 pregnancy centers offering free resources to women.
  • Tax credits to assist families with adoption expenses.
  • Tax credits for purchases from businesses employing individuals with special needs.
  • Informing women about abortion pill reversal.

The legislature, controlled by pro-life Republicans, overrode Kelly’s veto of resources for women through pregnancy centers. They also overrode the veto of abortion pill reversal, which demonstrates Kelly doesn’t support choice for women – only abortion.

North Carolina’s pro-abortion governor, Roy Cooper, a Democrat, vetoed the Care for Women, Children and Families Act that included comprehensive practical resources for women and their families in need. The bill:

  • Expands access to childcare.
  • Funds foster care, kinship care, and children’s homes.
  • Provides maternity and paternity leave for teachers.
  • Grants millions to reduce infant and maternal mortality.
  • Assists mothers and fathers as they complete community college.

The pro-life Republican-controlled legislature overrode Cooper’s veto, and North Carolina’s women will receive the care and resources intended for them.

President Joe Biden, another pro-abortion Democrat, has on a massive scale eliminated assistance for America’s women and their babies, particularly those who are most desperate.

Biden denied the expansion of Medicaid for poor mothers of newborns and other low-income services in Texas, Oklahoma, and Tennessee, (Idaho may be next) because the states do not refer for abortion. These actions come in spite of federal law protecting Title X funds from being used to provide or refer for abortion. Tens of thousands of women are being negatively impacted by the president’s actions.

In spite of these challenges, progress is being made.

In April, the Texas pro-life Republican-led legislature approved $225 million to assist pregnant and parenting mothers and babies. These new resources will fill a variety of practical and crucial needs during pregnancy, through birth and well beyond.

After Biden denied the state Title X funds to Texas, the legislature filled the gap themselves, extending Medicaid for new mothers up to a year after birth.

West Virginia’s Pro-life Republican Governor Jim Justice signed the Support for Mothers and Babies law that established a $1 million fund to assist women through pregnancy centers, maternity homes or perinatal hospice centers.

Pro-life Republican Governor Bill Lee from Tennessee signed a law setting up a $100 million grant fund to serve mothers, fathers and families facing an unexpected pregnancy. It will provide improved access to healthcare and material support and expand services for children in foster care and those with special needs.

Arkansas is an example where both Democrats and Republicans came together and unanimously passed a bill setting up a $1 million grant that provides pregnancy centers, maternity homes, adoption agencies, and social services material support for women facing unexpected pregnancies.

Arkansas also passed three different bills that:

  • Raises the state tax credit for stillborn children.
  • Allows an unborn baby to be claimed as a dependent for income tax purposes.
  • Provides income tax credits for donations to pregnancy centers that provide free resources to women.

Mississippi is a shining example of a pro-life Republican majority delivering crucial services for women and their babies in a state known for its poverty. Pro-life Republican Governor Tate Reeves signed several resourceful bills. In total, there were eight pro-life, safety net measures. Those listed will:

  • Expand the state’s tax credit for donations to pregnancy centers aiding women and their babies.
  • Create a website offering information and resources for pregnant women.
  • Establish a tax credit up to $10,000 for adopting a child within the state and half that for out of state adoptions.
  • Increase the time a mother has to place her child in a safe haven drop-off point.
  • Create transparency for foster parents regarding their rights and responsibilities.

While Blue states – along with the White House – veto, block and rescind vital resources for women and their babies, Red states are moving forward with impressive speed to create a safety net in the wake of Roe’s demise.

For mothers and their children,

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3 thoughts on “Providing or Depriving Women of Resources

  1. The left ledge Dems sending people over their population-control cliff to the killing-field of abortion are very focused. The aim is baby killing. Anything hindering that must be called “against women” and obstructed in every way. We’re not just dealing with people proposing another way to good ends for the women, babies and men in difficult situations. We’re dealing with the inspirations of the father of lies and murder—the OldBentOne, the Evil One. Keep right on telling the truth! Those with eyes to see and ears to hear and hearts and minds predisposed to acknowledge it will surely heed the language of the Creator LordGod.

  2. The pro-death people use deceptive language to show their colors, such as “against women” as Mick Gillig stated recently. Most Pro-Lifers, on the other hand, are much more confident AND committed to trust His incredible longsuffering ~ in order for Him to yet save some who are temporarily pacified with depraved human logic. Nevertheless, His sovereign plans WILL still be manifest, and there will be nothing but puny responses to His final judgments in that awesome and already determined day.

  3. Leave a comment *One small step each person reading this article can do Today, is: look up a few of the pregnancy resource centers serving women and families where you live, choose one, and do at least one concrete thing for them. Send a small (or monthly) check. Drop off a box of diapers, wipes, or items off their wish list. Register to volunteer in some way. There are opportunities for both women and men to volunteer! These tiny ripples of help create a wave of outreach that lift mothers, fathers, babies, families experiencing crisis pregnancies. And can help with thriving up through stages of life. Encourage resilience. Eveywhere!

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