Pro-Lifers Take on Sex Trafficking

Bradley Mattes   |   April 28, 2022

A growing body of evidence shows that Planned Parenthood isn’t just looking the other way when it comes to sex trafficking. They actually partner with sexual predators by aborting the evidence while cashing in.

Human sex trafficking has reached alarming levels in America and is literally all around us. That’s why a concerted effort to stop it is so important. Would it surprise you to find out that pro-lifers are in a battle to stand in the gap, protecting women and their babies from this insidious cartel?

Heartbeat International is an umbrella group that serves thousands of pro-life pregnancy help centers around the world. They are uniquely placed and qualified to intercept and assist victims of sex trafficking.

The level of their organization and skills to help those suffering is impressive.

A 2020 Charlotte Lozier Institute survey of 580 medical and nonmedical pregnancy centers revealed that 24% of those surveyed have received trafficking training or provided services to victims of sex trafficking. And the number of these centers is growing.

The services that these centers offer include:

  • Training and close networking with organizations specializing in sex trafficking
  • Screening and assessment of potential victims
  • Establishing protocols on how to effectively respond
  • Providing referrals to appropriate agencies, organizations, or law enforcement agencies
  • Outreach to individuals in sexually oriented businesses
  • Providing mobile services
  • Establish residential services

After considerable research, Life Issues Institute produced a two-part television program called Sex Trafficking and the Abortion Connection. You can view both part one and part two. The evidence is overwhelming that abortion fuels a sex trafficking industry that would be significantly impacted without it.

A study found that 88% of the industry’s victims had previous contact with a healthcare provider while being trafficked. They seek out services related to pregnancy, STDs, abortion, miscarriage, and urinary tract infections. Heartbeat affiliates are well placed to come into contact with and assist these individuals.

To train their affiliates, Heartbeat divided their work into four categories as it relates to sex trafficking:

  • Interventions related to decision-making, such as helping a woman flee an abuser
  • Long-term support, like offering parenting classes to women post-trafficking
  • Prevention, including educating young people about predatory relationships
  • Reconciliation/healing, for example ongoing group support

The pro-life movement is intervening and protecting women victimized by sex trafficking. While the abortion industry is killing their unborn babies and sending them back to continue being enslaved by sex traffickers.

We laud the efforts of Heartbeat International, their affiliates and other pro-life pregnancy centers who are quietly working to protect vulnerable women and their babies.

Further information regarding Heartbeat’s efforts to combat sex trafficking is available in their document titled Reaching the Vulnerable.

Life Issues Institute has additional resources on sex trafficking at our website.

Protecting women and their babies,

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