President Trump Connected the Dots

Bradley Mattes   |   February 06, 2020

The President’s State of the Union address has been hailed by many as an exemplary speech. It certainly got under the skin of Speaker Nancy Pelosi who defiantly tore up the President’s printed remarks in a televised display of juvenile defiance.

It also showed that President Trump knows how to connect the dots when it comes to abortion.

One of the most poignant moments of the President’s address was when he introduced Robin Schneider and her daughter Ellie who was born at 21 weeks, six days, or about halfway through Robin’s pregnancy. Crediting advancements in technology and prayer, Mr. Trump said Ellie was a reminder that “every child is a miracle of life.” And he called on the congressional Members present to “pass legislation finally banning the late-term abortion of babies.” Adding, “Whether we are Republican Democrat, or Independent, surely we must all agree that every human life is a sacred gift from God.”

President Trump understands that if we are to end abortion, we must put a face on abortion.  He connected the dots for millions of Americans watching his speech – legal abortion is killing beautiful children just like Ellie.

Faces of Choice

That same message was communicated from another perspective at the March for Life in Washington, DC. Melissa Ohden debuted an ad featuring individuals like her who experienced an abortion attempt on their lives but miraculously lived. In the video, these survivors, representing all walks of life from around the globe invited viewers to “look me in the eye” and tell me I should have been aborted. The ad called Faces of Choice is dramatic, chilling and effective. Visit the website for more backstory on each of those who participated.

Pro-abortion incumbent and want-to-be politicians must get used to the idea that our efforts to put a face on abortion will grow more prominent with each passing day. Shining a spotlight on late-term abortion exposes more Americans to their extreme agenda of abortion on demand throughout pregnancy and infanticide for babies who survive its violent horrors.

Our message will embolden others who have remained on the sidelines to speak out and join the growing number of those who say, “We are the face of abortion.”

Robin & Ellie Schneider

Those who defend the vulnerable against the silent holocaust of abortion will be silent no longer. The urgency of nearly 2,400 daily deaths drives the President, pro-life elected officials, and grassroots Americans to engage more, educate more and motivate more of their fellow citizens to the human toll of abortion. Just as important is the need to minister to the victims left in abortion’s wake.

We are grateful to President Trump for his outstanding leadership to protect future generations. We stand with him in solidarity to defend the defenseless, to protect the powerless and to be tireless in our efforts until we succeed.

Sincerely for LIFE,

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2 thoughts on “President Trump Connected the Dots

  1. How can you be OK with just eliminating “late-term abortion?”

    Would you be OK if slavery was still legal but we were still fighting to regulate “late term” slavery?

    Dead is Dead, whether early, mid or late term. Stop placating the murderers by thinking you will ever get them to say there is a limit on how “late” you can take life.

    This kind of thinking is why we many states, including Maryland, are on the eve of legalizing infanticide, because we keep compromising. Eliminating late term abortion will save very few lives because most abortions are done during the 1st Trimester. Better Late than Never is for appointments and meetings, not for killing babies who don’t qualify at “late term.”

  2. Attacking the problem from every angle is a way to “win”. Legislating against all forms of abortion is not bad,e.g. legislating against chemical abortion, closing abortion providers, prohibiting late term abortion, “heart beat bills”, educating via Problem Pregnancy Centers and media publications, e.g. Life Issues Institute.
    A good way to loose ground in the fight, is to bicker and divide as has been done by Rightt to Life grpoups recently

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