It’s Time to Stand Up to Censorship by Big Tech

Bradley Mattes   |   June 20, 2019

Those without a legitimate argument to support their opinion often resort to silencing their opponents.

That’s certainly the case when it comes to the great social debate on abortion. This latest example is wildly blatant.

But the good news is there’s something you and I can do to respond.

Pinterest is one of the largest social media networks, and Live Action, a youth-oriented pro-life group, has had a healthy presence on their platform.

But no longer.

Eric Cochran, a software engineer at Pinterest, recently accused PInterest of secretly tagging Live Action content as “pornography,” which means that most people wouldn’t see what they post. The young pro-lifer was promptly fired.

Eric explained why he would jeopardize his career to speak up. “I saw a big tech company saying quietly behind closed doors that they believe Live Action shouldn’t have a platform to speak. …I want them to have to say this explicitly.”

After firing Eric, Pinterest directed their wrath toward Live Action itself. They permanently suspended their account, saying the group dispensed “harmful misinformation.”

Here’s what Live Action has actually posted on Pinterest. Accurate ultrasound images of the beauty of fetal development, inspirational messages to pregnant women, and letting women know they deserve better than what Planned Parenthood offers.

Pinterest’s action to censor and ban a message they disagree with is not only unethical and unamerican, it drips of hypocrisy. They actually allow posts promoting dangerous do-it-yourself, at-home abortions. If anything qualifies as “harmful” it’s promoting dangerous, illegal home abortion.

Here’s the real reason Live Action was first falsely tagged and then banned from Pinterest.

They are effective at saving babies while protecting their mothers.  For years Live Action has successfully exposed the abortion industry’s dirty, ugly side.

While hosting our weekly TV program, Facing Life Head-On, I interviewed Lila Rose and James O’Keefe after their first undercover project that exposed the racist agenda of Planned Parenthood accepting a donation specifically to abort a black baby.

Since Pinterest can’t seem to counter sound pro-life reasoning and compassion, their solution is to silence the opposition.

Here’s what you can do to respond!

As part of the Susan B Anthony List family, Life Issues Institute is proud to stand with them and counter the impact of silencing Live Action.

We are reposting Live Action’s online posts and encourage you to do the same. Visit their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, then share, retweet and repost their pro-life messaging. And encourage others to do the same.

Life Issues Institute and Susan B Anthony List stand side-by-side with Live Action. When we stand together, we will end this modern-day holocaust of abortion.

Please join us. Act now!

For access to over 5,000 pages of pro-life educational information, from fertilization to euthanasia, visit our Life Issues website.

Standing together for LIFE,

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3 thoughts on “It’s Time to Stand Up to Censorship by Big Tech

  1. The First Commandment from God is “You shall not kill.” We are alive since conception. The baby inside the uterus is alive and when somebody kills a pregnant woman he or she is condemned for 2 homicides, considering the fetus a living person. The same way, when you practice an abortion, you are murdering a living person who is to be born. Life Issues Institute is dedicated to educate and inform about things like this. It is important to support the Life Issues Institute.

  2. Ditto to Marisa’s post above. She eloquently wrote exactly how I feel.
    We have so much sadness to deal with in New York State from our supposedly Catholic Governor Cuomo who is now pushing assisted suicide now besides the horrible pro abortion bill that was co-sponsored by another Catholic assemblyman.

  3. While praying satisfies some on the issue of pro-life, we must continue to EDUCATE those who tolerate abortion at any time. We continue to have legal abortion due to desirable ignorance. Laws come and go but it is hearts that must change. Tolerating the killing is getting us nowhere. And, yes, I am tired of saying the same thing for decades. Life is an entrustment for our future.

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