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Grateful for Pro-Life Victories

Bradley Mattes   |   November 21, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope your day includes spending time with loved ones and focusing on all the blessings God has poured out on you.

I’ve been contemplating the many blessings we’ve received during 2018 to help defend innocent human life from womb to tomb.

You and I have many reasons to be grateful! Here are some of them.

Confirming strict constructionists to the U.S. Supreme Court and District and Appellate Courts is key to turning back Roe v. Wade. One of the top items on our 2018 Give Thanks List is the confirmation of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. The process was undoubtedly the ugliest in history, exposing the radical nature of the abortion lobby.

In addition to progress made on our nation’s highest court, to date 20 Appellate Court judges and 44 District Court judges were confirmed. All these confirmations will have a generational impact on our life-saving efforts.

Fresh in our minds are the many pro-life candidates who were elected or re-elected earlier this month. Key among them were crucial Senate races. Their outcomes decided the fate of President Trump’s future court nominations. The tenor of Justice Kavanagh’s confirmation hearing and the razor thin margins of some victories demonstrate that the abortion lobby knows what’s at stake in the battle over our nation’s future. They have in the past imposed their extreme ideology through the courts and see their stranglehold on America’s judiciary slipping.

Key senate victories were achieved in North Dakota, Missouri, Florida, Indiana and Tennessee. Next Tuesday, we’ll know the outcome of Mississippi’s runoff election.

Major pro-life victories in governors’ races include Iowa, Georgia and Florida.

These victories didn’t happen by accident. They were hard-fought battles, reflecting many months of grassroots organization and mobilization. Susan B. Anthony List had over 1,000 canvassers going door-to-door in targeted states. They contacted 2.7 million voters to identify pro-life households and encourage them to support pro-life candidates at the polls.

Life Issues Institute (part of the SBA List family) mobilized its resources to educate voters on the need to vote pro-life and help motivate them to cast their ballots. We utilized our daily radio commentary, weekly op-eds, emails and social media.

We thank God for every heart that we’ve been able to touch and every mind changed by the truth about abortion. Pro-life education is the foundation on which we build political and legislative victories.

No list of notable pro-life advances would be complete without mentioning the vital contributions of our pro-life president. We’re keeping a running tally!

While it can be said that we would have liked to see more victories, including keeping the House of Representatives under pro-life leadership, we can and should be truly grateful to the Lord for the many blessings received.

In addition to the political races, there were two very important victories that amended the state constitutions of Alabama and West Virginia.

Alabama’s Amendment 2 passed with a comfortable margin. It boldly secured the right to life of the state’s unborn babies when Roe v. Wade is overturned.

West Virginia voters passed Amendment 1 that neutralized the state constitution on abortion and ended state Medicaid funding of abortion on demand, which will result in saving 1,500 babies every year.

A prominent item on our 2018 Give Thanks List is impossible to tally – that is, the many babies who were saved from abortion and their parents spared the emotional and sometimes physical aftermath of so-called “reproductive choice.” Untold hours spent in pro-life women help centers, on sidewalks of abortion facilities, in fair booths and in other locations resulted in saved lives that will ripple throughout America’s future.

As you count your blessings around the family table today, please include prayers of thanksgiving for every pro-life advocate, every life saved and every victory that helps end this modern-day holocaust of abortion.

On a personal note, I’m grateful that our son, Nick, will occupy his seat at the table today. During past Thanksgivings, his chair was painfully empty while he was in the Army and deployed in Iraq. Please remember the brave women and men of our armed forces who are unable to be with their families today because they’re busy keeping us safe and free.

Continuing our mission for LIFE,

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2 thoughts on “Grateful for Pro-Life Victories

  1. Thank you for your mission of life. If we want a peaceful world, does it only seem logical that those that have great respect for life (and the dignity of each human person from conception to natural death)I are the true Peacemakers of the world?

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