Blessings Disguised as Tragic Events

Bradley Mattes   |   September 29, 2022

Women and men often face an unexpected pregnancy at the worst times in their lives – or so they believed. Planned Parenthood and the rest of the abortion industry often feature these sad tales as a primary reason for abortion on demand.

Those facing poverty, unemployment and homelessness must have abortion, they say, otherwise they are condemned to a life of hardship and hopelessness.

Let me introduce you to just a few people who turned this philosophy on its head. Blessings often come disguised as tragic events.

Danielle Nicholson was just 20 and immersed in drugs, alcohol and other behavior that put her health at risk. She was broke financially and past burnt bridges ensured that there was no further help from her family.

Danielle said that the positive pregnancy test “motivated me, igniting a deeper drive than I’d ever known myself capable of possessing.” Imposing her past struggle with abuse and trauma onto her unborn daughter was not an option. Danielle said, “I was determined to be strong and do whatever it took to change my life for her.”

This young mother did change. With the help of Randy and Evelyn of the Paul Stefan Foundation, she dramatically altered the trajectory of her life and that of her daughter. She ultimately became a social worker to assist other women struggling with similar circumstances.

This anonymous mother became pregnant while in a “very volatile” relationship which she admitted was “fueled by alcohol and drugs.” She is thankful that abortion wasn’t a legal option. This mom gave birth and said, “I am so thankful to my son. He saved my life. He made me the person I am today. I don’t even want to think where I would be if I had aborted him. My unplanned pregnancy became my greatest blessing.”

Travis Chambers

Travis Chambers demonstrates that the impact of pregnancy benefits both sexes, and it doesn’t have to originate out of poverty. He was on a fast track to being a highly successful executive in Hollywood, but a slave to the demands of his job. The birth of his daughter changed all that. When he realigned his priorities and began to spend more time with her and his wife, his lifestyle became incompatible with the over-demanding job, and he was fired.

This forced Travis to establish his own company with his family as the priority. In time his business flourished. He said, “That complete paradigm shift generated abundance and prestige that I never would have achieved in another decade of my glam Hollywood job.”

“This gorgeous, hilarious, magical mystical little treasure saved my life. She brought fullness, fulfillment – she was this giant wrecking ball that decimated the skyscraper that was my life and reformed it into a magical village full of abundance, friends, family, good health, and tranquility.”

Samantha Brooks was homeless, penniless and depressed, but from the first moment she laid eyes on her daughter, she knew she had something important to live for. Samantha credits her daughter for giving her a reason to get up everyday and to work for success. “It’s like I needed the baby to arrive so I could rebuild my life.” Her mental health improved greatly, and things began “falling together.” Samantha said, “I didn’t think I would be able to do it, then she came, and I knew I had to.”

There are countless real-life accounts demonstrating that unexpected or unwanted pregnancies paved the way for tremendous blessings. Our mission is to reach every mom and dad with this message of hope and encouragement.

We can Love Them Both.


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One thought on “Blessings Disguised as Tragic Events

  1. So encouraging to hear these testimonies of new life bringing great joy & fulfilment when their mothers chose life! Children are a blessing from the Lord to nurture and cherish and bring them up in His ways.

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