Abortion Trafficking, A New Threat to Life

Bradley Mattes   |   November 23, 2023

Governor Brad Little

Idaho Governor Brad Little signed legislation meant to keep vulnerable minors and those who protect them one step ahead of “abortion traffickers.” Governor Little said, “The ‘abortion trafficking’ provision in the bill seeks only to prevent unemancipated minor girls from being taken across state lines for an abortion without the knowledge and consent of her parent or guardian.” The law was signed one month after Planned Parenthood opened an abortion center a mere mile into Oregan past the Idaho border. 

And who do you think immediately challenged the constitutionality of the bill? Planned Parenthood, of course. This kingpin of the abortion industry views parental involvement before the abortion of a minor daughter to be a “burden” that interferes with the sale of another abortion. 

Planned Parenthood and their cohorts in the abortion industry would have lawmakers believe an abortion trafficking law is unnecessary. 

Tell that to this young 15-year-old girl and her parents.  

After an investigation spanning months, Kayden Swainston, 18 and his mother Rachael Swainston, 42 were charged with second-degree kidnapping and multiple other federal crimes. The young girl became pregnant as a result of Kayden raping her. Against the girl’s wishes they transported her across Idaho’s state line into Oregon where they forced her to have an abortion. The child attempted to contact her parents before leaving Idaho, but the duo refused to allow it. 

The charges don’t end with kidnapping. Kaydyn has been charged with three counts of producing “sexually exploitative material” with a child.  

Rachael is facing one charge of trafficking meth, another count of harboring a wanted felon, one count each for possessing fentanyl and psychedelic mushrooms. 

Mother and son are facing the possibility of imprisonment for the remainder of their lives. 

Experts have said the cases of abortion trafficking have grown to epidemic proportions. To help protect those you love and others around you, be an informed citizen. Abortion trafficking is all around you. Be alert so you can notify the authorities.  

Life Issues Institute has free downloadable resources to educate yourself, your family, coworkers, and fellow church members. Being equipped can literally save a life

Defending the vulnerable and innocent, 

Brad Mattes 

President, Life Issues Institute 

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