Abortion Advocates’ Deadly Plans for the Future

Bradley Mattes   |   May 11, 2022


Extreme advocates of abortion have proudly touted states that have passed legislation legalizing abortion until birth, however, they are hoping to keep parts of these laws under the radar.  Pro-abortion politicians have set their sights beyond abortion and have newborn infants in their crosshairs.

Most can recall those casual, yet haunting words spoken by then Governor Ralph Northam of Virginia. Words that sent a chill up the spine of scores of Americans when he described allowing a baby to die who had survived a late-term abortion.

Blue states are now quietly enshrining this scenario into law.

California often stands out as the ringleader when it comes to malevolent legislation. But they are not alone. Other states are taking an alarmingly emboldened stand to advance an extreme agenda that extends beyond abortion.

California’s recent bill AB2223 brutally targets newborn infants. It reads:

“Notwithstanding any other law, a person shall not be subject to civil or criminal liability or penalty, or otherwise deprived of their rights under this article, based on their actions or omissions with respect to their pregnancy or actual, potential, or alleged pregnancy outcome, including miscarriage, stillbirth, or abortion, or perinatal death due to a pregnancy-related cause.” (emphasis added)

The words “actions or omissions” give legal cover to those who would by neglect or deed cause the death of an infant who survived a late-term abortion. The window of opportunity to carry out these deaths is referenced as “perinatal death,” a term that has been interpreted widely as a few days after birth to four, even six weeks later. Qualifying reasons for legally ending the life of a newborn fall under a “pregnancy-related cause” which is not defined and open to broad interpretation.

These types of laws are state-sanctioned infanticide.

They are meant to protect guilty parties such as women who take chemical abortion pills well beyond the legal limit, deliver a live baby and end that child’s life by abandonment or active means. Also protected is anyone who “aids or assists a pregnant person.” A mother or boyfriend who grows frustrated with a crying infant and shakes the helpless baby, causing lethal injuries could be protected. A baby’s death within the “perinatal” timeframe could thwart any investigation.

Not only are investigations stymied, but a woman would also be allowed to sue the police or other authorities in response to an otherwise legitimate arrest or criminal charge.

In the works are laws designed to protect the abortion industry and block accountability for hack abortionists injuring women. Thanks to a Governor-led activist group, The California Future of Abortion Council outlines what is to come.  California’s AB2223 legislation is just the first of eight priority bills Planned Parenthood wants passed. Here’s what we can expect to see.

Funding the Abortion Industry
Fund staff of organizations that provide practical support for abortions
Reimburse abortionists for providing abortion services to individuals who can’t pay for them
A raise for abortionists. Medi-Cal accounts for half of all abortions in the state, so update and increase reimbursements rates
Supplement the pay for abortionists who have a high volume of Medi-Cal abortions
Wave school loans if medical students become abortionists
Pay for professional liability insurance of abortionists and abortion facilities
Establish a grant program for abortion training

Protecting the Abortion Industry
Pay for advanced security measures at abortion facilities
Protect abortionists and staff from criminal, civil, or administrative liability when an abortion is botched
Protect abortionists from civil, criminal, or disciplinary actions in California and other states if they botch an abortion or commit a criminal offense

Abolishing Conscience Protections and Censoring Free Speech
Force primary care and family medicine education programs to include abortion training
Force religiously affiliated hospitals and health systems to provide abortion
Take “meaningful action” against pro-life pregnancy help centers for “harmful or misleading information,” i.e., abortion hurts women

The good news is that many states will end or severely restrict abortion in a post-Roe America. However, the aggressive nature by abortion advocates and their success in passing expansive pro-death legislation shows that our work will be far from over if the US Supreme Court overturns
Roe v Wade.

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