A Deadly Trojan Horse

Bradley Mattes   |   May 01, 2020

It has been called a Trojan horse, a sham study.

Close observers say it is little more than an attempt to skirt FDA safety requirements for women while aggressively expanding access to abortion throughout America and beyond.

The main player lurking inside this Trojan horse is Gynuity Health Projects. According to its online mission statement, their goal is to make abortion “more accessible, of higher quality, and easier to use.” If by “higher quality” they mean safer for women, they are seriously missing the mark.

Writer, Carole Novielli, has been following this project and has provided revealing information along the way. Since 2015, Gynuity has been recruiting abortion facilities to take part in a so-called clinical trial on the chemical abortion pill.

TelAbortion is at the epicenter of this scheme. It’s the process of communicating with women by videoconferencing and then mailing them lethal medication for their babies, and in the process circumventing safety requirements for the mothers.

The “research” is directed at eliminating safeguards put into place by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA placed the chemical abortion pill regimen under the Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy, commonly referred to as REMS.

As the abortion industry views it, REMS impedes the widescale sale of chemical abortion pills and the profit generated from high-volume trade.

The original REMS was approved under the Clinton Administration and neither Presidents Clinton nor Obama lifted them. Now the abortion industry wants a judge to do so, or for the FDA to surrender.

The FDA’s caution is not misplaced. The drug has a history of killing at least 24 women and inflicting serious complications on over 4,200 others. And these are just those voluntarily reported by abortionists. Removing these safeguards risks the health, fertility and lives of scores of unsuspecting women.

The study has been open to children as young as 10 years old. The girls/women are screened via a videoconference with an abortionist. A package containing the abortion pills is then sent via overnight or tracked mail.

The length of the study has been expanded multiple times and dramatically expanded from 50 patients to 1,000, now involving 13 states at 15 different locations. Their ultimate goal is less centered on the welfare of women and science than it is to expand unfettered access to abortion. According to the website Fast Company, the sponsor and participants hope “to get enough [abortionists] on board so TelAbortion can eventually go from research study to full-blown service.”

The only published study to date on Gynuity’s project provides some revealing information.

Of the 248 packages of pills sent out to girls/women, they do not know the abortion outcome for 58 (23%). “Almost one out of four patients did not have known outcomes,” said Dr. Donna Harrison, a physician, board-certified in obstetrics and gynecology and executive director of the American Association of Pro-Life OB/GYNs. “It is very likely that these patients had complications that were handled by other physicians.”

The study defines adverse events from the chemical abortion regimen as: patient fatality, a life-threatening condition, hospitalization, a blood transfusion or experiencing a “significant disability.” This definition is so narrow it excludes reoperation for tissue left inside or massive hemorrhages that do not result in a transfusion. Even so, 1% had serious adverse events, an additional 7% sought medical help in an emergency room or urgent care center. Nearly 6% required a subsequent surgical abortion.

The number of girls/women who required treatment at a hospital emergency room or urgent care facility as a result of the TelAbortion study was double (8%) that of a study on chemical abortion patients in California (4%).

Patients who lived 50 or more miles from a providing study site were more than twice as likely to experience what was described as “unscheduled encounters” (complications like bleeding, fever or pain) than those who lived closer.

It would be a mammoth understatement to say this so-called clinical trial represents a conflict of interest. Gynuity, sponsor of the study, has received funding from the Buffett and Packard Foundations which were original investors in DANCO Laboratories, the company founded to manufacture and distribute the abortion pill. Planned Parenthood (three of its affiliates participated in the study) also funded DANCO.

Gynuity’s website emphasizes their reliance on medicine and science, which is counter to their actions that inflict carnage on both unborn babies and their mothers.

A wealth of science-based information on chemical abortion can be found here.

For Mothers and their Babies,

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4 thoughts on “A Deadly Trojan Horse

  1. The people who kill the unborn defenseless children are worse that Hitler. There is more than enough proof that these are human beings and are able to be born into society and live useful lives. We are destroying our future generations for sexual freedom and promiscuity. God will judge.

  2. ””””'”higher quality abortion”? I don’t think you can qualify an intrinsic evil.

  3. Absolutely chilling. I hate knowing about this, but we must know ~ so that we can stand for truth, honesty and LIFE. Thank you so much, Brad, for this tragic information.

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