Turning Disability into Opportunity Part 2

Turning Disability into Opportunity Part 2

In part two of this two-part episode, Brad interviews Mary Verdi Fletcher, the founder of the Dancing Wheels Company. Mary has been living with spina bifida all of her life, but she didn’t let her disability detract from her dream of becoming a dancer. She started the nation’s first integrated dance company and today they travel all around the world giving unique and inspiring performances.

Like Mary, John Seybold has found a way to transcend his muscular dystrophy through an artistic medium. He has found a cathartic outlet in painting and finds he becomes a different person while painting, one free of a disability.

Brad also interviews Aaron Welty and Chip and Donna Hammond about the value of all human life. They are working to bring awareness to the fact that all people, regardless of ability, deserve a chance at life. All five guests truly demonstrate that a person’s worth isn’t defined by what they can or cannot do.

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