The Widows of Ethiopia

The Widows of Ethiopia

Adoption Ministry 1:27 is an outreach of Youth With a Mission of Ethiopia that works to care for abandoned widows. With the help of the local Ethiopian Church, they identify widows who are in need of care and support. By finding sponsors in the U.S. who will adopt them, the ministry is able to better provide for widows who are leading poverty-stricken lives.

The ministry serves the large Ethiopian slum of Kore that started as a leper colony on the outskirts of Addis Ababa. It is a crowded village of deep poverty where residents pay high rent for shanty huts made of sticks and mud. The level of poverty and the housing conditions for the elderly and children are unimaginable.

Though Adoption Ministry 1:27 is working hard to serve as many widows as they can, there are still many more waiting for sponsors and holding on to hope that the ministry will help provide for their shelter, food, clothing and medication. Thanks to American sponsorships, YWAM and Adoption Ministry 1:27 are able to physically and spiritually nurture women and are dramatically changing the lives of Ethiopia’s widows.

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