The Option Of Adoption

The Option Of Adoption

Christine Bowersox was a sophomore in high school when she sat in a presentation about teen pregnancy. The speaker was talking about the options available to pregnant teens, such as abortion, parenting, and adoption. Christine remembers thinking, “Yeah, this is all great, but I’ll never need to make a decision like that.” Then during her senior year in high school she realized she was pregnant.

Christine’s mind brought her back to the presentation on options, and that’s when she decided to be a birthmother. An option only 1% of women choose. She didn’t know how difficult carrying a child for nine months could be. Christine says it as much of a physical challenge as it was an emotional struggle. The stigma regarding her choice to be a birthmother was sometimes overwhelming. Teachers and classmates often asked her why she wasn’t keeping her baby and asking if she loved her baby. They didn’t understand how she could give her baby away.

Today Christine has teamed up with Joi Wasill, the woman she first heard as a sophomore in high school, and together they talk about the negative impact words like: keep, give-away, and place, can have on a birthmother. Joi says the decision to carry your child for nine months and then to choose parents for that baby is the most loving and heroic act a woman can do.

Joi and her husband experienced the joys of adoption when their son’s birthmother chose them to parent her little boy. With two million people in America waiting to adopt, Joi considered this birthmothers choice to be a positively life altering blessing.

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