Surprise Awakening

Surprise Awakening

Jill Finely sank deep into a coma after she suffered from cardiac arrest. When Jill’s husband Ryan found her, he immediately called 911 and began CPR. Ryan said it seemed like hours before the emergency response team arrived, but in reality they were by Jill’s side in about seventeen minutes. Jill was then taken to Oklahoma Heart Hospital.

Once at the hospital, Jill underwent a non-evasive procedure known as Clinical Induced Hypothermia to cool down her body temperature. Jill was wrapped in large pads, circulating cool water (32-34 °C) for twenty-four hours. A study in the February 21, 2002 New England Journal of Medicine found this procedure to increase the chance of neurological outcome in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest patients.

Doctors said there was a one to two percent chance of recovery. Despite this, Jill’s family did not give up hope. Ryan stayed by Jill’s side as each day passed, reading from the Bible, while people all around their community where praying. As days turned into weeks Jill’s condition was deteriorating. On the fourteenth day Ryan made a decision to take Jill off of life support. He was prepared for the end.

Then, hours later Jill started to mumble, and the mumbling turned into talking. She slowly began to tell Ryan she was hungry and wanted to go to Ted’s, her favorite Mexican restaurant. When asked if they can give an explanation for Jill’s recovery they both proclaim this was a miracle. Miracle or medical, Jill is on her way to a perfect recovery.

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