Saving the Unborn and Moms in Ethiopia Part 2

Saving the Unborn and Moms in Ethiopia Part 2

Since Living Hope Maternity Home opened its doors in Ethiopia four years ago, they’ve graduated one group of young mothers and are housing their second. Currently, founder Dinah Monahan and her team are developing programs to assist the young mothers once they leave the maternity home.

Tizita Shimelis is a Living Hope graduate who is currently working as a housemaid. With the savings she acquired while at the maternity home and with the help of an American sponsor, she is able to provide for her beautiful son David.

The money that the girls earn from selling their hand-made jewelry can also go towards education. Helen Habte and Zinabua Demirew graduated with Living Hope’s first group and are currently attending beauty school. They hope to obtain their licenses and plan to open a beauty shop together. With Living Hope sponsorships and the income from their shops, they are hoping to create a wonderful life for their children.

Living Hope Maternity Home is providing a safe haven and a hope for the future for many young girls facing unexpected pregnancies. As the prevalence of abortion in Ethiopia grows, Dinah hopes the ministry will continue to provide a beautiful alternative of choosing life.

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