Satan’s Final Frontier – The Sex Industry

Satan’s Final Frontier – The Sex Industry

Shelley Lubben is a former prostitute and pornography actress who appeared in 30 hardcore films during her career. But Shelley’s experience with the sex industry was anything but glamorous. Her testimony paints a picture of intimidation, cruelty and life-altering physical risks.

Despite battling depression and alcoholism, Shelley never truly gave up. Life completely changed for Shelley when she met her future husband Garrett. With the support of Garrett and a new church community, Shelley was able to put her time in the sex industry behind her and focus on family and God.

Porn is a mutli-billion-dollar industry that continues to permeate households in today’s society. PureHOPE is one group trying to combat the hold the porn industry has on today’s culture. Vice President Noel Bouché outlined pureHOPE’s mission as exposing the truth and providing solutions for our sexualized culture.

Today, Shelley and her husband Garrett run the Pink Cross Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to reaching out to porn industry workers. They believe our culture is currently in the midst of a porn addiction, but with the work they’re doing they see a ray of hope for our nation and future generations.

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