Reversing the Abortion Pill Part 1

Reversing the Abortion Pill Part 1

Since the release of RU486, chemical abortion numbers have been increasing every year in the United States. But a few short years ago, Dr. George Delgado of San Diego, California pioneered a protocol to reverse the effects of the abortion pill. The new treatment gives unborn babies an 11th hour reprieve and spares the mom and dad the anguish and heartache of abortion that so often follows. Dr. Delgado and nurse Debbie Bradel launched a website and 24-hour hotline to better help women who regret their decision to take RU486. With more successful reversals each year, the key now is getting the word out to as many people as possible.

Abortion Pill Reversal Hotline Call (877) 558-0333 for help

If you would like Dr. George Delgado to speak to your community or organization, please contact 619-577-0997.

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