Planned Parenthood and Your Tax Dollars

Planned Parenthood and Your Tax Dollars

This past spring the Indiana State Senate voted to pass House Bill 1210 which would help prohibit federal funds from going to abortion providers. But Planned Parenthood filed an injunction to have the law stopped. With a strong case being made by both sides this battle is far from over. This week’s guests include:

Indiana State Senator Scott Schneider was the author of the Senate amendment to House Bill 1210. He and his fellow senators wrote the bill in response to Indiana citizens declaring that they didn’t want tax dollars funding abortion providers.

Ken Falk is the legal director for the ACLU of Indiana and is representing Planned Parenthood in the fight against the bill. He argues that the law is unconstitutional and is inconsistent with federal statutes, particularly when it comes to Medicaid rules.

Julaine Appling is the president of Wisconsin Family Action and has been working for years to have Planned Parenthood’s funding cut from Wisconsin’s state budget, something that was accomplished this year. She notes how the momentum started in Indiana and is continuing to spread to other states that are successfully passing de-funding bills.

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