Fostering a Change in Children

Fostering a Change in Children

Cindy Skinner is the founder and CEO of Focus on Youth, a non-profit, faith-based foster care and adoption agency in West Chester, Ohio. The organization primarily works with children who have special needs. They go above and beyond when working with their kids by implementing new and innovative ways of reaching and guiding children. Cindy understands that the average family may feel ill equipped to provide care for a child with emotional or physical disorders. So, Focus on Youth is dedicated to providing families with a variety of training classes that better prepare them to take care of the children in their homes.

Over the past twelve years, Kevin and Kim Bennett have fostered over 20 special needs children with the help of Focus on Youth. They currently have 10 children living in their home, five of which are in the process of being adopted. The Bennetts have a passion for opening their home and dedicating their lives to helping kids who often go overlooked. Kevin and Kim emphasize the joys and rewards of caring for children with special needs. They talked about how working with an agency that offers support and specialized training makes the process easier and manageable.

There are children all across the country that desperately need loving and caring homes. Special needs foster children can come from homes that don’t value them or aggravate their disorders. Within a different home environment, these kids can realize their full potential. Families that step up and offer care for children with special needs add lasting value and worth to children who are constantly overlooked.

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