Teens Making Healthy Choices

Teens Making Healthy Choices

Healthy Visions is a week long program for students in Cincinnati, Ohio that focuses on helping teenagers make better life decisions when it comes to dating, sex and self-image. Russell Proctor, or RP as he likes to be called, has been a speaker for Healthy Visions for the past 3 years and has spoken to over 13,000 high school students. The kids respond to RP’s direct approach and the impact he has is astounding.

Chuck LaFata, the principal of Reading High School in Cincinnati, implemented Healthy Visions in Reading health classes four years ago. With social issues such as sex and bullying worsening, Chuck thinks it’s essential for Healthy Visions to keep presenting each year.

High School students Landen Acree, Katie Ackerman, Christy Hudgel, Delaney Galbraith, Kyle Hughes and Emily Kozel were all in dark, emotional places before Healthy Visions. Their stories of how RP changed their lives are testaments to the program, winning it a Regional Emmy, and proves that simply telling someone they matter can change their story.

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