Can-Do Women

Can-Do Women

Due to unexpected pregnancies, more than one out of every four babies conceived is killed by abortion. But our story this week is about women who choose life instead – some even in the face of severe criticism and pressure.

We met three of these heroes.

Three months before she was expected to compete and take home a medal in the Olympics, British hurdler Tasha Danvers-Smith found out she and her husband were pregnant with baby Jaden.

In South Dakota, Megan Barnett became pregnant with baby Maria after the horror of an assault rape at the age of 19.

And in northern Ohio, Jennifer Hanselman endured a doctor’s pressure to abort three to four of the sextuplets in her womb.

Our cameras caught up with these women who are now raising the toddlers they were given the option of aborting. All say, though the circumstances weren’t ideal, they have no regrets about their life-affirming decisions.

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