Beyond Borders

Beyond Borders

There is an ongoing debate over the value of life. This debate does not have borders nor is it confined to a specific geographic region. The issues of abortion, euthanasia, stem-cell research, and infanticide, are pervasive on all seven continents. These issues do not stay confined to a geographic region because human life is not confined to a section of our global. For this reason, there is an international movement of people who continue to speak on behalf of those who are silenced in society.

In Germany the issue of abortion is still quite underground as described by Dr. Susanne Lux. Dr. Lux says the media and the church are very reluctant to talk about abortion, and if they do not talk about this life issue then it is not fully disclosed. She says the most impactful message is coming from post-abortive women who express their regret and share their stories of how abortion has negatively impacted their lives.

Bert Dorenbos is the president for “Cry For Life”, a pro-life organization in The Netherlands. Mr. Dorenbos was managing a TV station when one of his employees brought him the educational video, “The Silent Scream.” Dorenbos says watching this film changed his life forever. From that day forward he and his wife have dedicated their lives to protecting Life. They have hosted international pro-life forums around the world and continue to impact The Netherlands with a life affirming message.

Our neighboring country, Canada, is positively influenced by the pro-life organization, “Campaign Life Coalition” which is lead by Jim Hughes. As the president of “Campaign Life Coalition” Mr. Hughes recognized a need in Canada for more pro-life media. He said when the organization initially began their stories were ignored by the main stream media, so the coalition started its own news source, Life Site News. Today Mr. Hughes, and his team, reaches thousands of Canadians and American with pro-life news reports.

There is a message of life reaching beyond boarders and rooting itself in people across the globe.

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