A Look Back: Season 6

A Look Back: Season 6

In this past season of Facing Life Head-On,we’ve seen some remarkable and heart-warming stories. In this episode, Brad revisits episodes that stand out as favorites.

Let’s start with an episode we did last year about the Girls Scouts and their connection to Planned Parenthood. For years, the name Girl Scouts has been associated with God and wholesomeness. But over time the organization has been marred by controversy. More and more people are coming forward with evidence linking them to pro-abortion groups. We interviewed a previous Girl Scout leader and parent whose investigation into the organization’s partnerships led her to question her daughter’s involvement.

Hormonal contraception comes in many forms: the pill, the patch, Nuva Ring, Yaz. What they all have in common is they all put women’s health at risk. For this episode, Brad sat down with two experts who clarified the growing awareness of this problem. He also met two married couples who experienced side-effects from hormonal contraception. As a result, they chose to seek other methods.

One particularly powerful episode that aired this past year centered on the topic of coerced abortion. The idea of abortion is bad enough, but the thought of forcing a young girl to have one makes the blood boil. Unfortunately, this has become a serious problem. Finding a young woman who is willing to share her story is a rare occurrence. We were able to find a brave young lady named Day Doblinger who felt ready to share her experience.

And who could forget the episode on Sean Casey and the Miracle League Field he built for special needs kids. It was inspiring to hear from the parents and players whose lives have been touched by the field. The infectious joy and support that abounds during games is infectious. We hope this episode will inspire others to advocate for Miracle Fields in their own towns.

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