Obamacare and the Abortion Factor Part 2

Obamacare and the Abortion Factor Part 2

In part two of this two part series, we’ll meet pro-life leaders in Washington, D.C. who discuss how President Obama is furthering a pro-abortion agenda through our judicial system. We’ll also see how he is expanding international funding and legislation to promote abortion worldwide.

Dr. Charmaine Yoest, the President and CEO of Americans United for Life, will discuss how President Obama’s judicial appointments could promote an abortion agenda within our judicial system. Along with Ken Blackwell, a Senior Fellow at the Family Research Council, she emphasizes the importance of a judge’s impartiality and establishes how the appointments the president is making clearly line up with his pro-abortion agenda.

We’ll also meet Congressman Chris Smith, a Representative from New Jersey, who has been fighting for global human rights for the past 28 years. He will expose how President Obama is providing government funding to the UN Population Fund in an attempt to further abortion worldwide.

With the Pro-Life movement facing dark days in its fight against abortion, pro-life leaders stress the importance of citizens getting involved. Wendy Wright, the President of Concerned Women for America, discusses how one person can make a difference by speaking up and contacting their congressman. Pro-life leaders are working to delay congressional bills and inform the public, but they can’t win without the help of pro-life Americans.

With more and more Americans becoming involved, pro-life leaders are hopeful that they will be successful in fighting President Obama’s pro-abortion agenda. If bills can be delayed and Americans can take a stand, there could be a surge of empowerment in the fight to protect unborn babies and their mothers.

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