Planned Parenthood: Babies Need Your Outrage

Bradley Mattes   |   July 15, 2015

For Planned Parenthood, no bloody business is enough bloody business. They make a fortune killing babies, and then turn around and make more money selling the babies’ body parts. And they use your tax dollars—representing hours of your life—to do it. Nearly $1.5 million every day!

After almost three years of undercover investigation, the Human Capital Project of the Center for Medical Progress has rock-solid proof that Planned Parenthood trafficks in baby body parts. The evidence—right from the mouth of Planned Parenthood’s director of medical services—will turn your stomach. But don’t turn away. The babies need your outrage.

Planned Parenthood medical services director Deborah Nucatola

Federal law prohibits both trafficking in human body parts and partial-birth abortion. Planned Parenthood’s guilty of both. But this goes far beyond what’s legal and not legal. How deep is the decay of the human soul that Planned Parenthood’s director of medical services, Deborah Nucatola, can casually munch on her salad and sip her wine while discussing price-per-part and what’s hot in the market? How deep is the degradation that Planned Parenthood Cecile Richards can call Nucatola “amazing”?

There’s always a market for livers, Nucatola says. Hearts, too. She carefully uses ultrasound to guide her instruments so they don’t crush whatever body part is on the order list. Some buyers want legs but, she says, those are easy. The real “rate limiter” is the head.

Enough? This video is hard to watch and even harder to fathom, but please make the effort. Be enraged. Share this information. Use the power of social media to spread this news as far as you can. Include #PPSellsBabyParts in your posts and comments to push the news faster and further. Even Planned Parenthood knows this information is a game-changer. Their true believers reported to Facebook that pro-life posts about it were “abusive,” triggering Facebook’s automatic review process. (The posts have since been restored.)

Don’t let Planned Parenthood’s tactics stop you. Call your members of Congress. Demand an investigation and demand they defund Planned Parenthood.

The pro-abortion media can’t sweep this atrocity under the rug. Planned Parenthood can’t hide this horrific crime against humanity behind empty words like “reproductive justice” or “women’s health.” This is blood money, plain and simple.

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