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Dramatic Breakthroughs Using Adult Stem Cells

Bradley Mattes   |   April 01, 2003

If you begin to hear less about the miraculous potential for healing mankind through embryonic stem cell treatment, there is good reason. To date, there have been no scientific breakthroughs in embryonic stem cell research providing even one practical application to helping humans. Adult stem cell research, on the other hand, has experienced considerable success. Here are two dramatic examples that could very likely have a profound impact on the treatment of injured and sick individuals.

16-year-old Dimitri Bonnville was severely injured on a construction job. A coworker accidentally pierced his chest and heart with a nail gun. Surgeons closed the wound, but Dimitri suffered a serious heart attack, which killed part of the heart tissue. The ejection-fraction, or the normal amount of blood pumped out of his left ventricle, dropped from the normal 65% or more to only 25%.

Doctors extracted and isolated Dimitri’s own stem cells from his blood. They were then injected into the artery going into his heart. Days later, his eject-fraction had increased to 35%. His physicians estimate that it will be three months before they know the full extent to which this groundbreaking treatment has been successful. However, early indications are very encouraging.

Dennis Turner, a California man, suffers from Parkinson’s disease. Surgeons removed a small sample of Dennis’ brain tissue. They extracted and isolated the stem cells, and then grew millions of them in the laboratory. The new cells were injected into Dennis’ brain. After a year, the patient’s Parkinson’s symptoms decreased by 80%. Without this new treatment, he would likely be in a wheelchair and heavily medicated by now. Dennis is on minimal medication and only suffers mild symptoms when he is either tired or stressed.

More and more adult stem cell successes are reinforcing the obvious fact that the United States and other countries should direct all of their available resources into potential treatment with stem cells that don’t have the deadly side effect of killing human embryos in the process.

Adult stem cell breakthroughs are making converts in unexpected places. James Kelly is a paraplegic as a result of an automobile accident. He was an outspoken advocate of embryonic stem cell research, which he believed would be his best hope to regain the use of his legs.

James then did his own extensive research into this medical field. Once educated, he realized that adult stem cell research was far more promising to the future of patients like him. He has even testified before Congress, advocating what he believes to be a proven approach.

If you’d like to know more about the successes of adult stem cell research, go to our web site,, and click on the link to [Stem Cell Research].

[Editor’s note: a link in this post has been updated.]

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