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Aggressive is an Understatement

Bradley Mattes   |   January 01, 2003

Recently, Americans have seen encouraging headlines in the news which tell us the numbers of abortions in America are declining. This slow, downward trend indicates that more people are being educated about the humanity of the unborn child. There’’s more good news. Fewer teens are having sex. Newsweek recently dedicated a cover story to the increasing number of teens who have decided to hold onto their virginity. It seems that our youth are coming to the realization that abortion, rampant sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS, and the often-emotional turmoil that accompany casual sex are not worth the brief physical pleasure they receive in return.

Every American is hailing this information as great news, right? Not so. The abortion industry sees the writing on the wall. Those who depend upon income from the abortion and sex-related industry fear that this good news means their padded bank accounts will dwindle. In order to flourish, the abortion industry needs people to be having sex and getting pregnant so that the stream of abortion customers will sustain the cash flow they have grown accustomed to.

Planned Parenthood (PP) is not about to sit on its laurels and let the cash registers go silent. They are leaving no stone unturned in their campaign to aggressively pursue every possible customer. Here is an example.

Planned Parenthood worked out a cozy business arrangement with the school system in Morrow County, Ohio. They will pay teenagers $100 to train them as “outreach workers.” This is a fancy term for teenage salespeople promoting PP’’s products to their peers. They will then be paid a bonus for every teenage customer they bring in.

What is equally outrageous is where they are getting the money to pay their young sales staff. The funds will come from the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families program. Does this mean that fewer needy families will be getting crucial financial assistance for the basic necessities of life to feed Planned Parenthood’s aggressive marketing campaign? In 2001, PP received more than $200 million in government dollars alone. Their total income was over $672 million. After expenses, they had a profit of nearly $39 million. Does this sound like a needy family to you?

Because Planned Parenthood has hundreds of millions of dollars to throw around, they can buy their way into communities. Here’’s a case in point.

A confidential financial agreement between PP of Central Texas and the city of Waco has made it possible for them to promote their radical pro-abortion agenda in the public library system. An undisclosed amount of money (reported to be less than $10,000) was paid by PP to put their “specialized collection of books, periodicals, pamphlets, videos, curricula and teaching aids” into, as PP says, “a branch of the Waco-McLennan County Public Library System.” This collection of pro-abortion propaganda is opportunistically called “women’’s health care” materials. One of the titles of this “health care” material is “The True Meaning of ‘Right to Life.’”

Did you think that just anybody could access these materials? Not on your life. PP warns that it can deny access “to anyone who has participated in protests” against them. An October 28 open house at the Audre Rapoport Library banned several pro-life women from attending who, earlier in the day, had protested at PP.

Another brazen attempt of public relations by PP is to make Christmas cards available that read “Choice on Earth.” The inside of the card reads, “Warmest wishes for a peaceful holiday season.” Keep in mind that “choice” means abortion-on-demand during all nine months of pregnancy, even partial-birth abortion, which kills a baby during delivery. This is the same abortion that has brutally killed over 40 million innocent babies. Then they have the gall to wish recipients of these cards a “peaceful holiday season”!

Planned Parenthood doesn’’t get it. Tearing innocent unborn babies limb from limb; puncturing their skulls and sucking out their brains, ignoring the emotional devastation that often results in women, is NOT peaceful.

The next time they are looking for nominations for the “Lecherous Parasite on Society” award, I have a suggestion for them.

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