We Oppose Abortion


We Oppose Abortion

Bradley Mattes   |   February 28, 2024


The Alabama Supreme Court made judicial history by stating human embryos, created during the in-vitro fertilization process were people too and worthy of protection.  I predicted the other side would claim pro-lifers were trying to outlaw contraception.  It didn’t take long for my prediction to come true.  Hillary Clinton tweeted, “They came for abortion first.  Now it’s IVF and next it’ll be birth control.”  This is a lie, like much of what comes out of the mouths of the Far Left.  Alabama didn’t ban IVF.  It simply protected the human embryos at its center.  IVF can be done while protecting human life.  True contraception prevents human life from beginning, which is quite different from abortion that brutally and violently kills human life after it’s begun.  We oppose abortion. 

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