Third Trimester Abortions


Third Trimester Abortions

Bradley Mattes   |   January 10, 2024


Morgan Nuzzo is the co-owner of a late-term abortion facility in Maryland.  During an interview she touted the fact her killing center does abortions into the eighth month of pregnancy.  And it’s not just limited to babies whose conditions are incompatible with life.  The earliest time of viability, or the ability for a baby to live outside the womb is twenty-one weeks, three months before the time Nuzzo’s center is committing abortions.  But something’s gone wrong in the late-term abortion business.  Since July, they’re seeing a “dramatic drop off” of women coming in for late-term abortions.  Killing centers in California, Washinton, and Oregon are reporting the same.  Even so, don’t believe it when people tell you they aren’t doing abortions in the eighth or ninth month.  With enough money anything’s possible.

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