Not An Automatic Death Sentence


Not An Automatic Death Sentence

Bradley Mattes   |   December 27, 2023


Recently, Kate Cox in Texas attempted to circumvent state prolife laws to abort her baby with Trisomy eighteen, generally viewed as not compatible with life.  While only fifty percent of babies are born alive, it’s not an automatic death sentence.  Children with this genetic disorder routinely receive intensive treatment.  It’s a serious challenge for any family but God has a plan for every baby conceived.  The Trisomy Eighteen Foundation features Holly Jo on its website.  She’s had a tough road but has persevered and recently turned three years old.  It saddens me that Kate doesn’t share God’s will for the life of her baby.  While the packaging may surprise us, these babies are worthy of all the love and support this world has to give – regardless of the outcome. 

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