Skateboards for Preemies


Skateboards for Preemies

Bradley Mattes   |   July 14, 2023

Researchers in Paris have come up with an innovative way to develop the motor skills of babies born very prematurely – that is thirty-two weeks or earlier.  They came up with a medical type of skateboard the baby can use to acquire motor skills.  This can counter the delayed development many premature babies experience.  These skills include things like crawling, walking, and later, catching a ball.  The babies lie on the skateboard with stabilizers and learn to push themselves along.  Babies born very prematurely miss out on practicing these skills during pregnancy because prematurity gives them less time to develop muscles used for these motor skills.  This research breakthrough is yet another reminder how beautifully God knits us together in our mothers’ wombs.  Let’s protect the unborn.

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