Population Reflects Red and Blue States


Population Reflects Red and Blue States

Bradley Mattes   |   July 13, 2023

For over fifty years, the U.S. has been below the population replacement level, relying on immigration to keep our numbers up.  My former colleague, the late great Doctor Willke, often said pro-lifers are having babies and abortion supporters aren’t, so we’ll eventually outnumber them.  Today’s stats prove him right.  An analysis of the top ten and worst ten baby-producing states unanimously reflects Red states are having more children than Blue states.  The top baby-producing states, which are Red, include South Dakota, North Dakota, and Alaska.  The top worst baby-producing states, which are Blue, include Vermont, Rode Island, and Oregon.  If this keeps up, we’ll indeed eventually outnumber them.  If you’d like more details on these states, please visit the broadcast link at lifeissues.org.

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