Stellar Shelter


Stellar Shelter

Bradley Mattes   |   May 03, 2023

Our unsecured border is a hot topic of discussion today as millions of undocumented aliens pour into our country.  They’re unvetted people who may include potential terrorists and drug dealers.  Caught up in this are pregnant women and their children.  Karina Breceda saw an unmet need and established Stellar Shelter, a building equipped to house up to sixty women and children – women who are often facing immense pressure to abort, often from their abusers.  Karina hopes to expand their services to include a medical clinic, health care classes and more.  Her goal is to make sure women are aware of this support for them and their unborn babies.  Karina said, “This is what true choice looks like.”  Thousands of similar centers serve millions of people with a variety of services – all free.

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