Important Abortion Referendums

ve8QAd   |   May 18, 2023

Following the 2022 midterm elections, I predicted that extreme abortion advocates would set their sights on Red states. I warned that their successes would embolden them to campaign in states with pro-life laws. My predictions have come to fruition.

Radical abortion advocates have introduced numerous ballot initiatives that could alter state constitutions and circumvent existing pro-life laws. There are critically important referendums in three different states.


Not long after Governor Ron DeSantis signed the Heartbeat Protection Act, extreme abortion advocates filed to get an abortion amendment on Florida’s 2024 ballot. The “Amendment to Limit Government Interference with Abortion” would enshrine a so-called “right” to abortion in the state’s constitution and nullify existing pro-life laws. Proponents claim it would allow only pre-viability abortions; however, the abortionist gets to determine when the unborn child is able to live outside the womb unassisted. Second, it allows for abortion anytime during pregnancy to protect the “health” of the mother, commonly interpreted to mean most any reason. The result is abortion on demand until birth.

To appear on the 2024 ballot, the referendum needs 891,523 signatures by February 1. If abortion advocates manage to obtain the required signatures, 60 percent of voters would have to approve the initiative before it can pass. If you wish to become involved in stopping this radicalization of Florida’s abortion laws, please email us at and we’ll connect you with the right individual.


I’ve previously shared information with you on Ohio’s “Right to Reproductive Freedom” ballot measure. It would create a so-called “right” to abortion, eliminate parental consent, and abolish safeguards and basic health and safety standards – the things Big Abortion dreams about!

Pro-abortion activists are currently campaigning and gathering signatures to get the measure on the ballot. A recent video suggests that Planned Parenthood is paying out-of-state workers to collect signatures. The professional signature gatherer says he is from Michigan, paid by Planned Parenthood to gather signatures in Ohio, and was previously hired there to collect signatures for a state-wide pro-abortion initiative in Michigan.

Ohio legislators aren’t sitting idly by while out-of-state pro-abortion activists attempt to undo decades of legislative gains protecting the unborn – men and women in the state legislature representing the will of the people. They recently passed OH Senate Joint Resolution 2, a resolution that would increase the requirements for approving a constitutional amendment. On August 8, Ohio voters will have an opportunity to vote on whether the resolution will be implemented. If voters accept the resolution, all proposed amendments – including the “Right to Reproductive Freedom” ballot measure – would need a 60 percent vote to be approved. The organization One Person One Vote filed a lawsuit to prevent the special election.

Here’s why I’m so concerned about these statewide referendums. Wealthy out-of-state abortion advocates will spend tens of millions of dollars to promote slick ads full of lies and half-truths. Wildly outspent, local pro-lifers will depend even more upon Ohio’s pro-life voters to reign in this radical proposal and send it to defeat. If you want to help stop this extreme pro-abortion attack against unborn babies, please email us at As in Florida, we’ll direct you to the right people.


This is what happens when pro-lifers get involved. Victory!

In February, enough signatures were collected to place Proposition A on the ballot for a May 6 charter election in San Antonio. Proposition A, also known as the “Justice Charter,” covered a range of issues, including abortion.

The proposal would have prohibited the San Antonio police from enforcing Texas’s pro-life laws. It would have also prevented law enforcement from conducting investigations and arrests.

Most of what’s included in Proposition A was unenforceable, but those involved hoped that – if the proposal passed – it would send a clear message to local, county, and state officials. A message was indeed sent, but not the one proponents had hoped for. An overwhelming 72 percent of voters rejected Proposition A.

The campaigns in Florida and Ohio are ongoing, but the outcome in San Antonio gives me hope. Defeating pro-abortion initiatives is possible, but only if we fight back with the truth and turn out pro-life voters.

As abortion advocates continue campaigning in pro-life states, we must continue to expose their true, extreme agenda. If we can educate voters that their unborn citizens are in the crosshairs of Big Abortion, we can prevent a repeat of what happened during the 2022 midterms. Please get involved and pray.

Protecting life that hangs in the balance,

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