Go Away Voters

Last week I told you about Nebraska State Senator Merv Riepe who singlehandedly killed a bill that would’ve saved unborn babies with heartbeats.  His refusal to vote on the bill allowed the Democrat filibuster to kill it.  In a message to voters Riepe said, “I don’t answer to them, I am going to vote my own vote.  I’m going to vote it how I see it.  And if they don’t like it, go away.”  Riepe claims to be pro-life but he wanted the bill changed to allow abortion up to twelve weeks, which is ninety percent of all abortions done.  Riepe is pro-abortion, plain and simple and any elected official who tells his constituents to “go away” if they don’t like his vote needs to answer to those voters.  This is an extreme case of arrogance by a so-called public servant.

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