Firehouse Delivery


Firehouse Delivery

Bradley Mattes   |   April 05, 2023

Firefighter Bret Langston has delivered several babies during his nearly three decade career.  And he always thinks about those babies, wondering what became of them.  But he won’t have that concern with his latest delivery.  Bret’s daughter, Hannah and her mother were on their way to the hospital to deliver her baby when it became apparent they wouldn’t make it in time.  So, they diverted to the fire station where Hannah’s dad was on duty.  Little Adalynn was born ten minutes after they got there.  Hannah already has plans for her daughter to visit her grandpa at the fire station.  Grandpa said, “She will always have a seat at the [dinning] table.”  Normally a rookie eats last, but Bret thinks she’ll go to the front of the line.  What a happy story for future generations!

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