It’s Not Mercy


It’s Not Mercy

Bradley Mattes   |   November 14, 2022

Anne Hathaway is an Oscar-winning actress.  But this doesn’t somehow make her an expert on abortion.  She’s long been a pro-abortion activist and recently addressed the issue on The View, known for it’s aggressive pro-abortion messaging.  Hathaway made a shocking statement.  She said, “Abortion can be another word for mercy.”  How can a violent act that brutally kills an innocent preborn child be mercy?  How can lying to women about the baby they carry beneath their hearts, claiming the child is nothing more than a mass of tissue – how can that be mercy?  How can inflicting the shame, regret, and anguish on unsuspecting mothers and fathers be mercy?  Anne Hathaway, abortion isn’t mercy, it’s killing.  Mercy is what God bestows on the shattered lives of those who’ve chosen abortion.

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