Chief Justice Lacks Honesty or Facts


Chief Justice Lacks Honesty or Facts

Bradley Mattes   |   November 16, 2022

The Chief Justice of South Carolina’s Supreme Court doesn’t understand basic human development, or he’s lying to make a political point.  Chief Justice Donald Beatty claimed in a hearing an unborn baby at six weeks doesn’t have a heartbeat, adding, it’s merely “an electrical signal.”  Peer-reviewed science says he’s wrong.  Dr. Tara Sanders Lee, a past student of heart development at Harvard Medical School says at six weeks a preborn baby’s heart beats over one hundred times a minute.  Lee stated, “A heartbeat at six weeks is scientific consensus based on published validated, objective biological investigation.”  I say Chief Justice Beatty is ignorant of this basic fact or he’s repeating a pro-abortion talking point.  Either way, he’s incapable of ruling on abortion-related cases.

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